We all know that a career in transcription is regarded as a lucrative option by many; however, the flip side to the story is that it is also highly competitive. Therefore, to ensure you have all the necessary transcription skills to stand out in the cut-throat competition, TCI is offering a discount for its course fee for the brand-new year.

For this New Year, make a lifelong gift to yourself. Enroll now before all of the seats are filled.

Transcription Certification Institute is currently offering a $150 discount on its general transcription course fee to all those interested in kick-starting their transcription career. It’s important to note that the offer will end soon.

Say YES to building a strong foundation for your work from home career.

Through TCI, you can gain an advantage over other transcriptionists by earning a formal transcription course certificate. You can also participate in an internship program to gain valuable hands-on experience.

This general transcription course will train you on important transcription skills, such as typing accuracy and speed. By developing these crucial skills, you’ll have the upper hand over other transcriptionists.

Once you develop these attributes, it will serve as a launch pad for you to begin a promising work-from-home transcription career with flexible hours and good remuneration.

Take your first step towards attaining your FINANCIAL FREEDOM

To those who are looking for a lucrative work-from-home career option, transcription is often the preferred choice as it comes with many rewards and benefits.

Interested? Hurry up and enroll for the TCI general transcription course today to take advantage of the discounted course fee that’s currently offered!

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