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I recently completed my general transcribing training through the Institute and feel confident about my abilities as I start my new career. What I really appreciated was the quick response I received when I had questions and the variety of topics the lessons covered. I feel the training I received was the start I needed to succeed in this field.

- D.Lavelle. on RepuGen


This affordable general transcription training and certification helped me find transcription work as independent contractor immediately at the Transcription Company where I completed my internship.

- Denise, Los Angeles, CA. on RepuGen


I enjoyed the course and how detailed it was when it came to the grammar portion. I was hoping for it to be more hands on and actually teach you how to use the transcription program. Overall the course material was easy to understand and I learned a lot of things about transcription.

- Pedi Hegetin. on Google


The instructor was very clear, concise and to the point. For someone like me, who is aware of transcription but hasn't really done work transcribing and would like to start, the course is a great starting point. It does tell you a lot of what you may know, but puts it in perspective for transcribing. Overall, am glad I did take this course, and am looking to being general transcriptionist.

- Nicole Chrish. on Google


I am new here and I love it. I love venturing in it

- Suezzanne Kamau. on Facebook


I thought the instructional material was helpful and complete, and could help people with virtually any level of experience become familiar with the necessary programs and standards.

- B.W. on RepuGen


It's so easily explained! I love what you've done with this course as far as set up and presentation goes. Keep up the good work and no-one will have to worry about being able to understand the lectures.

- Tiffany Springstead. on Udemy


It's a nice course to take if you're thinking about getting into transcription. I'm hoping my certification gives some credence to my ability as a transcriptionist. I love to type, so this is definitely the job for me.

- K.D. on RepuGen


The course was very user-friendly. I had no trouble at all with downloading any of the files or going through the pages during the course. I had an issue with one of the parts of the final exam (I had missed one of the special requirements and realized it after submitting the file) and sent a message asking if there was a way I could resubmit the edited file. I got a response back in a timely manner and the person who responded said I could attach the file in a response to her and she would take it to the grading department. My experience with TCI was very positive.

- Anne N. on RepuGen


As a stay-at-home mom with four children (4-12yrs.), I was happy to find a program that covered the specifics of transcription, didn't require 13 months to complete and was affordable. Although I had prior transcription work experience (not required), I didn't have the 'certification' that companies require for work. This program for me was a thorough refresher course that covered exactly what was needed to obtain my certification. I was contacted shortly after by a transcription company and am in the process of doing my internship (5hrs of dictation). As a military wife, this line of work will allow me the benefits of continuous work throughout our various relocations. I'll recommend TCI to anyone who asks.

- Melissa E. on RepuGen


All is going very well after completing the course. After completing the internship successfully, I'm now working full-time for a transcription company and loving it!! I have finally realized a 20+ year dream of being able to work totally from home, on my own schedule! I can't thank you enough for providing this course and the means for me to do that! It's been a wonderful transition!

- Renee R. (McHenry, IL) on RepuGen


As a new transcriber, the course enlightened me in various aspects especially when it comes to punctuations, listening and proofreading. After taking the course I am now more confident as a transcriber. The course made everything seem so easy. I enjoyed the course from start to finish. I wanted more!

- Omosigho Lydia Okunzuwa. on Udemy


The lesson is well delivered. Both audio and visual presentation is clear and understandable.

- Dexter D Salas. on RepuGen


Very informative. A good source for someone who wants to learn what transcription involves and the qualifications and requirements.

- MaryAnne. on RepuGen


I'm not finished with this course, yet, but have completed all of the lessons and just turned in my 5th (out of 7) Final Exam. I've found it to be very thorough and helpful, even though I've been employed as a full-time police transcriptionist for the past three years. I would recommend TCI.

- Tracy Chapman DeVore. on Facebook


I've been interested in transcribing for the past couple years. I finally decided to go for it. A few months later, I passed all my tests. I am now a Certified Transcriptionist and I'm so glad I took that first step. I highly recommend TCI to anyone who is serious about transcription.

- Alison M. on RepuGen


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