What is Next After You Complete Our Program, Including Any Internship

After the course completion, including any internship, you may be offered employment with the company you had interned. There are also several other options to begin your transcription career:

  • Become an independent contractor transcriptionist for end-users – businesses, research companies, etc.
  • Work for brick and mortar transcription companies.
  • Work from home for online transcription companies worldwide.
  • Become a virtual transcriptionist for users worldwide.
  • Start a transcription business.

Become an Independent Contractor Transcriptionist

Many clients want to hire transcriptionists as independent contractors (IC) and pay by performance. It could be a work-from-home scenario or at a client’s location. As an independent contractor, you could be transcribing, commencement addresses, financial forecasts/quarterly reports, focus group interviews, educational reform or health care access, or just about anything.

Work for Brick and Mortar Transcription Companies

Brick-and-mortar transcription companies are looking for good general transcriptionists. A job that pays an hourly wage will be available based on your typing speed and accuracy. These companies usually test for speed and accuracy before hiring.

Work for Online Transcription Companies Worldwide

A new bee beginning its journey may have a better shot at finding transcription work as an IC transcriptionist at an online transcription company. These are typically work-from-home jobs, where companies pay by performance. Most successful online transcription companies are always looking for qualified transcriptionists. Usually, transcriptionists will need to take and pass a test to receive work from online transcription companies.

Become a Virtual Transcriptionist for Clients Worldwide

A good portion of transcription customers prefer to work with one transcriptionist instead of a company, so they get used to their style and unique requirements. In addition, chances of getting a Virtual job in this field will increase dramatically if a transcriptionist can also provide Virtual Assistant services to their client.

Start your own Transcription Business

The following is required to start a transcription service business:

  • A Website
  • Marketing and Web marketing
  • Local direct marketing by mail and phone
  • Execution of work

Starting your own transcription business requires juggling several tasks at a time. It requires a business plan, a website, internet, offline marketing, actual execution of work, and perhaps a need to hire qualified transcriptionists depending on how much you want your business to grow.

start your own transcription business

Transcription Tools/Equipment

  • Specialty hardware and software.
  • Printer access.
  • A comfortable space for working.
  • Speakers or high-quality headphones. (We suggest headphones as it does not disturb other people.)
  • Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel software.
  • MS Outlook is desired for communication with clients and for setting alerts about the impending deadlines of projects.
  • Transcription software such as FTW Transcriber or Express Scribe is needed to play the recordings for transcription and are compatible with other transcription equipment.
  • High-Speed Internet Access to upload and download files.
  • Foot pedal to control speed, reverse, and fast forward digital recordings.
  • Headphones.
transcripton tools and equipment

Career Questions

There are several questions that transcriptionists often ask us about careers. Therefore, we have compiled a list.

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