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If you want to start a work-from-home project, have a side hustle, or want to hear some excellent career advice, then this podcast is for you. Join Minnie, President of Transcription Certification Institute, as she interviews guests who left their regular 9 to 5 jobs to establish their entrepreneurial ventures.

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"I've always been an owner and entrepreneur"- Interview with Maria Romano, Founder of TrueLoveKnots.Com

My guest today is Maria Romano, who is the founder of She's an ordained minister, dating coach, professional speaker, event planner, and best-selling author. In addition, she has ...

How to Make Money Blogging - Kristin Larsen

Kristin Larsen is a full-time blogger, business owner, Pinterest marketing expert, owner of, and an inspiration to many.

Beth Worthy: President, GMR Transcription On What Companies Look for In Transcriptionists and More...

Beth Worthy, President of GMR Transcription. Beth joined GMR in 2008, and through hard work, she rose through the ranks and became president of the company.