Do you know that transcription is one of the most searched for and popular work at home jobs due to its flexibility? Because it gives you the freedom to work at your own speed, direct from your home and at any time of the day or night. What's more, there are a plethora of general transcription companies to work for that hire globally and the pay depends upon your experience.

Here, we will be discussing the ten best online transcription companies to work for. You might earn anywhere from $12 to $30 per hour working for these companies, depending on the kind of transcription you're doing, as well as how fast and accurate your typing is.

10+ Best Transcription Companies to Work For That Pay $12 & More an Hour

  1. TranscribeMe

    TranscribeMe provides the best 'work from home' transcription jobs online and is known for its regular payouts and steady workstream. They have the industry's best rates, with earnings starting at $20 per audio hour and the top monthly earning ranges up to $2,200. For more details visit their page:

  2. SpeakWrite

    SpeakWrite hires transcribers in the U.S. and Canada as independent contractors to work from home. The company offers a variety of transcription work and serves over 65,000 legal, government, law enforcement, and other private sector clients. It is one of the most sought after transcription sites that pay well, where the minimum earners make around $300 per month. To learn more, visit

  3. GMR Transcription

    GMR Transcription is a great company to work for, if you are a freelancer. Work from home transcriptionists at GMRT can earn anywhere between $1,000 to $3,000 per month. It all depends on their skill level, the difficulty level of the audio files, and the expected turnaround time for the completed work. As the transcriptionists gain more experience, they are able to earn more for the same amount of time that they put in. For more details, visit their website:

  4. 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP

    1-888-TYPE-IT-UP is one of the best online transcription companies to work for. However, you need to be a US resident and are required to fill out the job application, in order to take their transcription test. They have the best pay rates to offer, and their transcriptionists make as low as $36 to as high as $180 per audio hour. For further details visit:

  5. CastingWords

    Working for CastingWords is simple and easy, with a high degree of flexibility at work. As a freelancer, all you need to do is sign up, work, and get paid. For transcription, CastingWords pays anywhere between 8.5 cents and a bit over one dollar per audio minute. For more details, visit

  6. Verbal Ink

    Verbal Ink offers the best transcription jobs online. Founded in 2003, they are today one of the leading players in the transcription service industry who pay a fair living wage to all their workers. Visit if you're interested to work for Verbal Ink.

  7. Scribie

    Scribie is perfect for freelance audio/video transcription work. They pay between $5 to $25 /audio hour, plus you get a bonus of $5 if you complete three audio hours in a month. All their payments are sent via PayPal and they require a verified PayPal account. Also, you need to go through a test and get certified as a transcriber, before you start working for them. For more details visit:

  8. Speechpad

    Speechpad is one of the best transcription companies to work for. You need to go through their application process and then they will approve you to work. All jobs with them are priced per audio minute. For transcription jobs, the pay ranges from $0.25/minute for entry-level work to as high as $1.00/minute for the experienced roles. Visit for further details.

  9. GoTranscript

    GoTranscript is a thriving transcription site that pays well. They have flexible work hours and you can freely choose which jobs to work on. The company has a variety of transcription work to offer and you could earn up to $150 as average earnings per month. For more details visit:

  10. Voxtab

    Voxtab is among the best transcription companies to work for, and offers an array of transcription job opportunities. However, they only hire native English-speaking transcriptionists, and you need to fill their recruitment application form in order to work with them. You can visit for further details.

  11. Athreon

    Athreon offers transcription services as diverse as medical, police, legal, business and media transcription. They provide a steady workflow to their transcriptionists and make a weekly payment via PayPal. You are paid based on the number of lines you type, including lines produced with word expanders. To apply, visit

So, now you know why a majority of people consider transcription as one of the most flexible work at home Finding a Transcription Jobjobs with fair compensation.

If you're looking for quality transcription training online, you can go for the transcription training and certification course offered by TCI, or the Transcription Certification Institute. To cater to transcription job aspirants, TCI also has a job board where global employers post their jobs on a regular basis.


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