Refer a Friend & Earn a Gift Card Worth $25

Please refer a friend if you know anyone who may benefit from our course.

When you refer a friend, you'll receive a Gift Card Worth $25 when your friend enrolls at TCI within 21 days, and your friend will get the opportunity to get a flying start in work from home transcription career.

How it Works

All are Welcome!

You're free to invite friends, family, and anyone you know.

Referral Reward for You!

Win a gift card worth $25 for every successful referral that you make.

Terms & Conditions

How do I get the Gift Card Worth $25?

  • You refer a friend.
  • Your friend enrolls in the course with the same email ID within the next 21 days.
  • You'll get an email from TCI with the gift card worth $25.

Why did I not get rewarded for an invite that was accepted?

  • The friend you referred didn't use the same email ID for enrollment that you used to refer them.
  • Your referral enrolled more than 21 days from the day you referred them.