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Our Story

Transcription Certification Institute (TCI) was launched in November 2008 to address the shortage of trained work-from-home (WFH) transcriptionists. The need for transcription services had outgrown the supply of qualified WFH transcriptionists when organized transcription companies like Rev, GMR Transcription, Transcribe Me, and several others were formed to address the growing demand. TCI founder organized a team consisting of a leading transcription company, experienced transcriptionists, proofreaders, and transcription supervisors. Then tasked them to develop a self-paced virtual transcription training program that anyone looking to become a transcriptionist from any part of the world can learn how to transcribe.

Since its founding, TCI has revised the courses many times and added many features to address the latest requirements of the transcription marketplace and has evolved into a transcription platform that offers all transcription needs for transcriptionists and transcription companies. We continue to evolve to address the needs of the transcription industry, intending to transform this platform such that transcriptionists and transcription companies can find all transcription-related information, services, and products by visiting the TCI website.

Following is a snapshot of the capabilities of the TCI transcription platform:

  • Complete transcription training with certification of completion. US-based candidates who score 80% or more on the final test are guaranteed an internship with a transcription company.
  • A job board where:
    • Transcriptionists, whether TCI certified or not, can upload their resume accessible to all registered transcription companies. Notification of resumes to the transcription companies who have opted for it if a new transcriptionist matches their specific requirements.
    • Job posting by transcription companies. Notification to the registered transcriptionists whose skills match the job postings.
    • List of all transcription companies in the US looking for WFH transcriptionists. Coming soon – profiles of these transcription companies for quick evaluation by transcriptionists.
  • Discussion board that transcriptionists can use to air their issues and help each other.
  • Free assessment to identify whether transcription is the right profession.
  • Free and paid transcription tests that transcriptionists can take to identify weaknesses and strengths.
  • Several free resources that anyone thinking of becoming a WFH transcriptionist can use.
  • Regular blog to provide useful tips to transcriptionists.
  • Our Podcast features several experts with their valuable inputs and tips on how to succeed while working from home.

Over 9,000 students have used this course.

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Our Core Beliefs and Values

We don't regard ourselves as a successful business owner but more as a team of accomplished transcriptionists and typists who collaboratively share their expertise>

How This Course Can Be Helpful

The online course, enables transcriptionists to gain a well-rounded understanding of the field and become a professional transcriptionist for better job prospects and higher wages.


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