Not sure whether to enroll for the TCI General Transcription Training Course? Have you considered other transcription courses and wondered how TCI is different?

The TCI course is not the average general transcription training course you may have come across online. Our course is designed by successful transcriptionists that understand the challenges that new transcriptionists face when trying to start their career. After all, the instructors faced the same challenges themselves.

The TCI general transcription training course is full of practical advice on what you need to do at every step of your transcriptionist journey.

Below are the Reasons Why You Should Enroll for the Course

1. Taught by Transcriptionists Who Earn Six-Figure Salaries

If you want to be successful, emulate what successful people do. This is what you will be doing when you enroll for the TCI Transcription Course

The course is taught by successful transcription professionals who earn six-figure salaries and know the ins and outs of the industry. The instructors bring in unique insights from personal experience that you won’t find in any other course.

The instructors cover everything you need to become a successful transceiver, starting with the very basics for beginners to intermediate topics such as how to find clients, and finally finishing with advanced topics such as scaling your transcription business.

At the end of the course, you will have all the skills you need to start and grow a successful freelance transcription business.

Become a Professional Transcriptionist from Home2. Guaranteed Internship to Give You Real-World Experience

Transcription Certification Institute has partnered with various organizations that offer internships to students (who reside in the US only) that complete the TCI Transcription Course with a qualifying course score. Through the internship, you will get real-world experience. The internship involves transcribing real work from different clients based on specific guidelines. These are the types of assignments you will be doing when you become a freelance transcriptionist.

Most transcription courses only offer conceptual-centric lessons. With TCI, we give you the hands-on experience you need through a guaranteed internship. After the internship, you will be ready to comfortably handle any transcription assignment

3. Accuracy Assessment Tool - Get an Accuracy Score Instantly

Accuracy is one of the core factors that separate successful transcriptionists from struggling ones. Clients need accurate content that is ready for use. But how can you gauge your accuracy in transcription?

When you enroll for the TCI General Transcription Training Course, you will receive access to the Accuracy Assessment Tool. The tool will help you improve your accuracy, so you can be better prepared to handle any kind of transcription work. The accuracy tool assesses your formatting and spelling based on various practice tests.

4. TCI Full Refund Policy

Transcription Certification Institute offers a refund policy to give aspiring transcriptionists peace of mind and ensure they invest in a quality program. We will give you a full refund before Lesson 4 if you decide this is not for you. Please take a look at our FAQ page for more info. Additionally, not all transcription training institutes are created equal, so it's essential to research and read reviews before deciding. Ultimately, choosing a program with a refund policy shows that the program is confident in its training and committed to student success.

5. Transcription Discussion Board - Only for Transcriptionists

When you experience challenges in your transcription career, find help in our forum. The forum membership is exclusively for transcription professionals. 

New Transcription Discussion Board

Ask all the questions you have in our forums. You’ll interact with enthusiastic members that will share the tips they have gathered over the years as professional transcriptionists. Think of the forum as an extension of your support system in your freelance career!

Finding a Transcription Job6. TCI Job Board-Exclusive Transcription Jobs for TCI Students

Finding jobs is one of the major challenges new transcribers have. As part of the perks for enrolling in the TCI course, you will gain exclusive access to jobs posted by various employers on the TCI Job Board.

These jobs are not publicly advertised as these employers prefer hiring from our pool of students. When you have finished the TCI course, you will have access to jobs on the TCI Jobs Board posted by clients that are ready to hire you.

TCI’s General Transcription Training Course is different from other transcription courses because we give you hands-on experience and all the tools to succeed. Taught by high-earning, experienced transcriptionists, you’ll be ready to launch your transcription career.

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