At Transcription Certification Institute (TCI), our goal is to help you become a highly sought after independent transcriptionist and get hired by reputable companies so you can live the life you have always wanted. We want to help you become successful in your transcription career to have the freedom to work in your own terms, at your own convenience and doing the work you love.

One of the significant challenges that people who want to become a professional transcriber face is getting accurate knowledge on how to start. There’s just so much confusion on what is required to be a successful transcriptionist and get clients under your own terms. This is why you need the Transcription Certification Institute Course.

The TCI course has been created in collaboration with transcription industry experts who earn six figures.

What You Can Expect in the Course to Help You Land Transcription Jobs at Home Easily

How to Get a Job in Transcription 

If you are a beginner, you will want to jump straight into the modules, which will guide you on how to get a job in transcription. The course starts with the absolute basics: where you will learn what transcription is, why businesses require the service, and the opportunities available for transcribers.

Other core topics covered include:

  • Tips for applying for transcription jobs
  • What to expect when you apply for jobs
  • All about contracts and what you should look out for
  • Positioning your services to be a highly-sought transcriber

The modules will introduce you to important details needed to get hired and build your career in transcription. If you are struggling to land any transcription jobs, this section will clear up everything and set you on the path to getting hired.

How To Get A Transcription Job - A Complete Guide [Part 2]

How to Be a Professional IC 

By applying the tips taught for getting a job in transcription, it is easy to end up being overwhelmed with work. How do you manage it all?

We have a module on how to be a professional independent contractor (IC).

In this lesson, you will get tips from an experienced transcriber on how to run your transcription business. You will learn how to schedule your time and track assignments as an IC, how to plan your working hours to handle multiple assignments, and communication tips when working on clients’ projects.

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How to Make the Most Money

After learning the ropes of transcription and getting your first clients, it’s time to earn more money. How can you make the most money through transcription?

In this section, our instructors will take you through the strategies they used to earn six-figure salaries. This module will shorten your learning curve to achieving financial freedom through transcription.

Some of the topics covered here:

  • How hourly rates are made
  • What to expect when working with clients
  • How to handle taxes as an IC and more

There is also a resource section with a professional income tracking spreadsheet that will help you know how you are performing in your business. 

How to Make Money Transcribing as a Pro

TCI Internship Program

After completing your course and passing with over 80 percent scores, you will be eligible for internships with real-world companies. TCI has partnered with various companies that are willing to hire our transcription course graduates as interns to gain real-world experience.

As an intern, you will work on real client transcription projects. The internship opportunity is a great way to apply your skills and get a feel of what to expect when working with clients.

Become a Successful Transcriptionist

A whole world of success is just a few minutes away. Sign up for the Transcription Certification Institute training course and get on the fast-track to a career in transcription.

Become a Professional Transcriptionist with the TCI Upgraded Course

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