Struggling to get your general transcription career to take off? Enroll for the TCI transcription course. The TCI transcription course is designed to help you succeed in the competitive transcription industry. Taught in collaboration with industry experts earning in 6-figures, this course will give you a foothold into the industry and pave your way to success.

Enrolling for the TCI Transcription Course Grants You Access to:

Q&A with Successful Transcriptionists and Tips from Transcription Companies

Get advice that will take you from a struggling transcriptionist to being swamped with transcription jobs. We also organize interviews with transcription companies to help you with your transcription career and hiring process.

Ongoing Career Support After Completing the Course 

On completing the TCI transcription course, we will hold you by the hand to help you navigate your new career. You will have access to the Team TCI to discuss how to overcome any challenges you may be facing as a new transcription professional. Our team members have been successful transcriptionists for many years. Their advice would be invaluable in helping you tackle various challenges you may encounter.

Active Discussion Board with Support from Other Transcriptionists

Going alone in the transcription industry can be difficult. You need to network and form alliances with people in the industry to be successful. Moreover, you are bound to encounter personal challenges as a transcriptionist. 

The TCI Discussion Board is your go-to resource for connecting with other transcriptionists. Get advice on both personal and career issues through the active discussion board. You will feel a part of one large family by engaging in the discussion board.

Transcription Discussion Board

Exclusive Access to Premium Job Listings at the TCI Job Board

After completing the course, you’ll get access to the TCI Job Board, where reputable employers post assignments. The job board should be your first stop for looking for transcription jobs. The jobs are exclusively posted to our graduate students, which means they can start earning money as quickly as possible.

Unlimited FREE Access to Accuracy Assessment Tool

Improve your listening and typing skills by using our Accuracy Assessment Tool. Every exercise in the tool is designed to improve your listening skills and typing skills. This free tool will help you to improve your typing speed and accuracy level, which are important traits for successful transcriptionists.

How to Improve Your Transcription Efficiency & Lower Your TAT

Guaranteed Internship with a Qualifying Course Score

Dip your toes into real-world transcription with our guaranteed internship for students (Only for US residents) that pass our course score. The internship will connect you with different companies and allow you to transcribe real transcription jobs. The internship will sharpen your skills and give you a taste of what clients expect from transcriptionists.

At the end of the internship, you will be confident if taking on any transcription work and be sure your clients will be happy with it.

Enroll for the TCI transcription course today and jumpstart your transcription career to success.

Become a Professional Transcriptionist with the TCI Upgraded Course

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