Two years after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, around six-in-ten workers still prefer full-time work from home. However, being productive while working from home can be a daunting task. Hence, you need to create an office-like home setup.

Creating a home office that is more functional and stylish can be done in smaller settings. There are several smart investments that you can make to make sure that your desk area is designed to maximize productivity. Here are some simple home office ideas that will help you get the most out of your space.

Work from Home Office Set Up Products

  • Get quality headphones

    If you are in a shared space, then you must have a headset to reduce the background noise in your home. Having the right headset can help you make and receive calls without having to deal with competing sounds.

  • Build a home office desk

    A stand-alone desk can accommodate all of your work needs, such as a computer and a printer. Various types of desks can fit into different spaces in the house, such as L-shaped units that can be placed in bedroom corners or floating desks that can expand floor space. Having a suitable home office desk can help improve your productivity and save you time.

  • Buy a home office chair

    A home office setup should help in optimizing the space. Having an ergonomic chair helps prevent shoulder and back problems. You can choose a chair that can slide underneath the desk or one that has armrests, and avoid wide-legged office chairs. Another option is to buy desk chairs that can serve as dining or sitting units.

  • Upgrade your computers or laptops

    Getting the right computer and laptop helps you get the most out of your work-from-home setup and reduce the time you spend on screen. One of the biggest advantages of a desktop is that it allows you to view content more comfortably.

  • Invest in a video conferencing camera

    The success of working from home depends on how connected you are with your clients and team. A good video conference camera can help you get high resolution and better video quality during team meets and client meetings.

  • Find the best keyboard and mouse

    An external keyboard and mouse can help increase your flexibility and reduce the strain on your neck and back. You can use an independent mouse and keyboard to work without the built-in one, though you should ensure that it fits your requirements. These devices usually require a replacement or recharging.

How to Set Up a Home Office in a Small Space?

  • Identify a workspace

    Ensure that your Work-From-Home office is outside the living area or lounge. Find a small room or corner or a closet where you can set up your desk and devices. If there are space constraints, you can use a spare room as a dual-purpose area. An enclosed porch, a large washing room, or even a garden shed can repurpose as a double-tasker.

  • Create a multi-purpose home office

    If you do not have the space for an office, you can still use a multi-purpose room to keep your work area organized. These types of spaces are very functional and practical. For instance, a kitchen island or a corner can be transformed into a great working area with just a bit of creativity and imagination.

  • Use a space-saving desk

    An effective way to add a bit of class to your home office is by using a desk that serves the function of a storage unit as well. For instance, desks with storage cabinets can help you keep your home office clutter free and help provide a calming work environment.

  • Be an organized mess!

    Prioritize organizing your workstation! Having a clear and organized workspace will help you stay focused and motivated while you're working. Before you start organizing your office supplies, make sure that you have all of your work files digitally organized.

How to Decorate a Home Office with No Windows?

  • Upgrade your lighting

    Having adequate lighting can help you read and see documents more easily. A ceiling lamp, overhead lights, or even natural light help set up a well-lit working space. Make sure that the lights aren't reflected in your direct field of vision. For instance, if a window is located behind your desk, sunlight can cause glare on your monitor. To avoid this, you can use curtains or shades to block the light.

  • Choose a color palette that heightens your morale

    The ideal home office setups should cater to your tastes. Using vibrant colors that are associated with happiness and warmth creates a tranquil and comfortable environment. If you are using a small box room or a portion of your closet, light colors such as white, pale wood, and metallic will make the space seem bigger.

  • Add a little touch of Nature

    Although it is unlikely that you should have an outdoor office, you can still bring some of the outdoors into your space. Plants can help provide fresh air and visual variety to your work area. A touch of green and lively plants does wonders in evoking your creativity.

Final Words

The right home office setup can help you improve efficiency and focus on your work. For instance, if you are a transcriptionist, you might need several tools and equipment like headphones and ergonomic furniture. Having the perfect space can help you gather the necessary equipment and ensure that you save yourself from strain and health issues.


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