Transcription software is a tool that assists in translating human speech into text transcripts using advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Video and audio files can be manually or automatically transcribed using the software.
It is essentially an innovative and self-propelled mechanism that transcriptionists use to record video or audio files and convert them into text format with voice recognition technology. 
Most transcription software applications combine all modern data science methodologies, such as AI, machine learning, and language processing, all enabling the user to automatically record the speech in several languages. 
Overall, transcription software helps professionals translate a specific file into the desired format within a short time and helps secure content profoundly from any part of the world.

What are the most popular transcription software?

Asher Weinstein of Next Projection

 1. Asher from Next Projection, LLC says, “At we love Temi. They're cheap and accurate. What more could you want?”

Nikita Agarwal

 2. Nikita from Milestone Localization, states, “I head Milestone Localization, and we provide transcription and translation services in 70+ languages. Our company is 1 year old, but we do transcriptions for videos, interviews, and speeches. We use HappyScribe to generate time-stamped machine transcriptions. We then have human transcriptionists check and edit the script. We tried several different software applications before finalizing on Happyscribe. The machine output is almost perfect for clear audio, and it does a great job with time codes. We've used it for 12 languages, and quality is consistent across the board. Our human editors are always very happy with the quality, and they're able to increase daily output 3x times.”

Julien Raby

3. Julien Raby from Coffee-Works, who also uses Temi as a preferred software, states, “If you were to take my opinion on the best transcription service out here, Temi touts itself as speech to text transcription in five minutes, and accurate to its description, the service made brief work of our two-minute audio sample. Temi took just 60 seconds to interpret the audio, understand the speech, and email the completed transcription. In addition to having one of the fastest turnaround times of the apps tested, Temi also has the lowest per-minute price. This should be your go to transcription app if speed and price are your preferences.”

Allison Chaney

4. Allison Chaney from Boot Camp Digital, says, “My favorite transcription software is AutoCap. I use it for my marketing videos, and it not only transcribes my video but allows me to edit the font of the transcript on my video. For me, transcripts are important in order to make my videos useful with the sound off.”

Mackenly Jones

5. MackenlyJones from Tricities Media Group, states, “I am a GenZ entrepreneur and web developer. My favorite transcription software is called Web Captioner. It is an extremely versatile featured-packed free tool for transcribing any audio source. It was created by Curt Grimes, a full-stack web developer, for enabling easy-to-implement accessibility for live streaming. It packs a wide variety of features, including custom language and appearance, saving transcriptions to files, word blacklists, and integration with both vMix and OBS. I am not associated with Web Captioner or Curt Grimes outside of being an enthusiastic fan.”

Ian Coon

6. Ian from Savi Solutions PBC states, “Hello, we're a social impact student loan technology startup based in Washington DC that helps student loan borrowers navigate federal repayment and forgiveness plans. As part of our work in communications, we use testimonials to share their story with student loans and have used, and it is by far my favorite as a communications power-user. I would highly recommend reaching out to their company for placement in this story.”

Benjamin Rose

7. Benjamin from Trainer Academy, responds, “I've tried several transcription service applications out there, but I would highly recommend Trint. It is a well-known AI-based transcription service, and it had the best editor and the quickest turnaround time of any service I've tested. It also shows its ability to transcribe in multiple English accents and 12 European languages. Trint operates under a subscription model that begins at $48 per month for one user and 84 files per year, with an extensive option at $60 per month. If you are uploading at least 240 minutes of audio a month or working on a team, this unlimited tier might be a better option for you based on price.”

To get the best out of transcription software, choose the one that provides top-quality features and has a user-friendly interface. By doing so, you can ensure producing faster, error-free, and accurate audio or video to text transcript.

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