Many people dream of a transcription career while working from home, but few are aware of how much equipment or software to buy. You may be overwhelmed at the advice you receive regarding what you need and what you don't. If you are confused as to how much transcribers equipment you need to buy, read on.

In the past transcription used to be a difficult career choice and the job of a transcriber very tedious, all due to the rather antiquated equipment that only was available to them. The transcribers equipment was also rather complicated to use and rather expensive too. More often than not, you would find yourself working using audio cassette tapes, that involved the tapes being shipped to you and then shipped back. You even needed to pick up cassette tapes in person, or would have found yourself working in an office. The quality of audio in those tapes often used to be poor, tapes could also get jammed or due to their fragility, break easily, and you also needed to struggle with slow computers, if at all they were available. With the great strides made by technology, now it is actually possible to work from the comforts of your home.

List of Basic Transcribers Equipment Required For Every Transcriptionists

Computer Or Laptop


The first thing that you need is a computer. You can choose between a desktop and a laptop or keep both, depending on your personal preference. A laptop is handy when you are away from home or your office, and the desktop is convenient while in the office. Desktops generally last longer and can be upgraded easily. You can also select the keyboard and the mouse. Having this setup is feasible with your laptop as well, if you are home.

Comfortable Headphones


Get a good pair of headphones as you will frequently be working with difficult audio. By using them, you can hear words and conversations that seem indecipherable on an ordinary pair of headphones.

Word Processing Software

Many computers have either WordPerfect or Microsoft Office installed in them. Both programs are necessary and you should know how to use them to become more flexible and better at work.

Ergonomic Keyboard


An ergonomically designed keyboard is very important to avoid pain in your wrist and forearm, especially since you have to type a lot every day. Although it can be a bit difficult to use in the beginning, you will get adjusted to them pretty soon.

Ergonomically Designed Chair


An ergonomic chair provides your neck, back and lumbar support and comfort. Having a chair with adjustable height is also a great idea so that you can position yourself more comfortably while working.

Foot Pedal

foot pedal

A foot pedal helps you play, rewind, and fast forward the audio while you are typing. Instead of using your hands, you can simply press the levers with your feet to rewind the audio as you type. This will save you a lot of time while working.

The above given list of transcription equipment you will need to launch your home transcription career is only a tentative one: you can add more or customize any of these based on your specific requirements.

Best Online Options to Buy Transcription Equipment

While Amazon and Alibaba, the renowned e-tail biggies, always have on offer some of the best transcription equipment available with myriad of product and brand options at attractive discounted rates, it is worth mentioning that TCI too has its own online store that offers some of the best transcription gear that you will find anywhere. So, if you are exploring the option of online transcription equipment purchase, be sure to check out all these sites. You won't be disappointed for sure!

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