The pandemic has forced many to accept working remotely from their own homes. While this may not be a problem for some individuals, there’s a large pool of parents who are still trying to earn a living as well as juggling homeschooling, daily chores, and parenting duties.

Remote working has unearthed a whole set of new challenges for parents. Below are some tips for remote working parents to find time to breathe and assess their situation while keeping everyone, including themselves, happy.

  1. Routine

    When life is uncertain, it can be hard to stick to a strict schedule. However, creating a stable routine is crucial to being able to manage all required tasks throughout the day.

    Whether your children are at home or school, you should ensure that you set an alarm to get your children up, ready for the day, and eat a healthy breakfast. Creating a routine can help manage tasks for the whole family.

  2. Create a Workspace

    A dedicated workspace allows individuals to be more productive, whether that is an office space, kitchen counter, or bedroom. It’s important to establish an area that is yours to work in, while you are working remotely.

    If it helps you get into the work zone, you can hang a sign on your door to remind your loved ones that you are working, make your workspace similar to your original office, or whatever you need to create a space that allows you to concentrate.

  3. Communicate

    Just as you would communicate with others if you were in an office, communication is key when you’re a remote working parent. You should first have an honest conversation with your boss to outline your circumstances so you can both manage expectations of what you can achieve while working remotely.

    You should communicate your work schedule with your partner and other people in your household so they are aware of what you have planned or need to achieve throughout the day. Effective communication helps keep the right balance between all members of the household and ensures that your work team members are on the same page as you.

  4. Time Management

    It’s important to think carefully about how you manage your time throughout the hectic day of working from home. As a remote working parent, you need to think about how to effectively get your work completed while addressing the needs of the rest of your household.

    You should make a schedule as to when to focus on different tasks. For example, if you have a piece of work that’s going to require your full attention and may take more time, try to schedule this in while your children are asleep or are preoccupied with another task. Another good scheduling strategy would be to dedicate smaller tasks, like responding to emails, while your children are focused on completing their assignments. So if your children have a question or need help with what they’re doing, you can quickly help them out and easily get back to your task.

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  5. Preparation

    There are several ways you can prepare your remote working day. This includes preparing for your meals the night before, creating a snack box for your kids so they don’t have to bother you every few minutes, and preparing your children’s activities for the day.

    As much as adults like a routine, kids can thrive from it too. If your children know what they’re doing for the day, they are less likely to interrupt you and more likely to be excited for what you have planned. Take advantage of all the online resources available to help you properly prepare for the day ahead.

  6. Exercise

    Exercise is incredibly important for your physical and mental well-being. Make sure you dedicate some time for yourself by going outside to get fresh air, clear your head, and breathe.

    The last thing you or your household needs is a parent who doesn’t make time for their well-being. You could dedicate some time after dinner where you and your family spend quality time together by going out for a walk, playing sports, or walking your pet. Make sure you give yourself enough breaks away from your workspace to feel refreshed. 


This new work-home-school life isn’t going to be easy for anyone as working from home can present many challenging moments, but it can be made easier by following this simple survival guide. 

It’s important that you try to create a clear distinction between work and home life, even though you are remote working. It’s easy to leave the office and ditch the day behind you when you get home, but the working day never stops when you’re a remote working parent. Don’t be too hard on yourself or your children!

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