Thanks to the internet and the reality of remote working, many moms are working from home with toddlers. Gone are the days when new moms had to quit their jobs to take care of their kids. With companies outsourcing various tasks to virtual workers, new moms have multiple opportunities to earn a living while taking care of their children. However, for a mom like yourself, working from home while taking care of your toddlers is challenging. Your primary task should be to take care of the toddler. But with some tips up your sleeve, you can successfully work and take care of the children. Read on for tips for working home with a baby that will simplify your life.

Be a Smart Mom

Working from home is all about balancing work with raising the kids. Sometimes, you will feel it's impossible to juggle the two. However, if you are smart, juggling work and raising kids will be easier. Below are some tips to follow:

  1. Create a schedule - Write down a schedule of what you are supposed to do every day on paper. Your schedule should include tasks related to raising the kids as well as work. Stick the paper on your refrigerator or wall to remind you of the tasks to be done. When your little one gets used to your schedule, it will be easier for you to work from home.
  2. Use Sundays for prep - How you start your week can set the pace for the rest of the days. Starting the week a few steps ahead can make you more productive. Use Sundays to prepare for the week ahead. For example, plan the meals, activities and schedules for the week.
  3. Use smartphone apps - There are a number of handy apps you can use to manage motherhood while working from home. These apps range from budgeting, reminders, calorie counting, and so on. Choose apps that will make you more productive at home.

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Anticipate the Next Phase

You will be surprised at how fast babies grow. As they grow, routines and activities are bound to change. In just a few months, you will realize your baby is not sleeping as much as he/she used to before. Anticipate these changes and plan for them. Plan your work depending with changes that come as your child grows. For example, do not start working when your child is bound to be seeking your attention.

Get More Done By Planning

To be more productive when working from home with toddler, you have to be smart. Plan your activities all the way to the end. The three tips below will improve your productivity.

  1. Designate a working space -  Your life at home and work life should be separate. An easy way of ensuring this is designating a particular room to handle your professional work. This will prevent the psychological barriers that may make you unproductive as you are trying to work from home. Make sure the designated work room has all the equipment you will need to work. Apart from this, it should be comfortable.
  2. Work when kids are sleeping - The best time to work is when your kids are asleep. This can be early in the morning, late afternoon after lunch or in the evening. When your toddler is sleeping, you will have ample time to focus on your professional tasks. Get your child on a sleeping routine if you would like to have regular work times.

    You can find several quick and easy lunch recipes online. Here are some easy & healthy lunch ideas-

    Pita Pizza Pizzas made with pita bread can include hummus, a variety of cheeses, chicken, fresh veggies, and many other nutritious ingredients. You can include Meditteranean, Italian, Mexican, or Cajun flavors and use almost any type of meat you desire. If you prefer the pocket version, you can open the pita bread and stuff them with the ingredients. This will work well if you plan on letting your children eat with you during lunch.

    Homemade Vegetable Soup Homemade vegetable soup can be made and frozen in single-serving containers that allow you to have a nutritious meal any time you want one. Homemade vegetable soup is easily made by placing fresh carrots, chunks of zucchini, chickpeas, green beans, peas, chunks of potatoes, corn, and any other type of vegetable you desire in a tomato base. Season with salt, pepper, and other favorite seasonings. This provides you with all the nutrients you need for a healthy lunch that is quick and easy to manage while you are hard at work in your home office.

    Taco Options Tacos can take many forms. You can make veggie tacos using almost any freshly cut vegetables and a variety of cheeses. You can also make tuna tacos, shrimp tacos, and breakfast tacos. Choose your favorite meal and turn it into a taco variation that you can eat between projects. Tacos and wraps are extremely nutritious when made with fresh ingredients and the homemade sauces or toppings. Add your favorite cheese and you're good to go.

    Wraps Mediterranean style wraps that include hummus, feta cheese, fresh vegetables, and salmon or chicken are quick and easy to make. They are great for eating on the go and contain many of the nutrients you need to boost your energy so you can make it to the end of the day. Wraps are easy to make and can include almost any type of filling to satisfy whatever food you may be craving.

    Tuna Melts and Sandwiches Tuna is extremely versatile. You can make tuna melts that are covered with cheese and a thin slice of tomato or you can make a sandwich using tuna salad and a bagel or other type of bread. Add some onion and minced green and red pepper for added flavor and color. Add some Himalayan salt, black pepper, and garlic powder for a little kick.

  3. Hire a baby sitter -  If you cannot find enough time for your professional work, ask for help from your family members. If necessary, hire a baby sitter for a few hours to catch up with your work. Remember, working from home should be taken as serious as working in a formal office. Thus, do not let the kids disrupt your work. Get help if necessary.

Be Flexible

Having a routine can help you accomplish much while at home. However, routines are certainly not fail-proof. Your kids will go through a number of things that can make sticking to your routines nearly impossible. For example, there will be teething and growth spurt problems to handle. When this happens, your toddler should come first. As much as you may want to finish the work you are doing, do not forget the main reason why you opted to work from home; to be with your kids. To stay on course with your work, be flexible. One way of doing this is keeping Fridays free. You can set the day free to cover any work that you do not finish during the week because the baby was fussy. If you have no pending work on Fridays, there is always something you can do to grow your business. This can be catching up with other WAHMs online, marketing your business, or prospecting for new clients. Working from home will allow you to spend time with your little ones while still concentrating on your career. However, it is important to strike a balance between your professional life and taking care of the children. Follow the above tips for working from home with a baby to simplify your life.

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