Stacy is a business and life coach as well as a marketing guru. She is the founder of Her.CEO. She loves helping people design their ideal lives and careers. She was once into the same 9:00 to 5:00 job but then stood up to pursue her dreams with the in-depth experience of organic and paid marketing. She has created her ideal life by helping individuals and companies grow their business. We got a chance to talk to her and know about her business, motivation, her journey to become an entrepreneur, and more. 

Topics covered on the podcast:

  • Starting an entrepreneur life
  • About HER.CEO
  • Work from home experience

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Here are the excerpts from the conversation.

Minnie: Okay, all right. Let’s get into this. So, I wanted to ask you first, would you please tell our listeners something about yourself?

Stacy: Yes, so as Minnie was saying, my background is in paid marketing running Google and Facebook ads for businesses, which I used to do when I worked for agencies, and I ended up working for a financial services company running their ads specifically. And I always had really good jobs and great coworkers, but I just never felt like I was supposed to be working for a company where you have to go in and just sit at your desk for so many hours each day without even the chance to really get up. The only time you can really walk is when you go and get coffee or go to the bathroom or something. 

Otherwise, people just – it doesn’t work well for the way that I like to live my life, which is having a little bit more flexibility, being able to go on the run in the middle of the day, and it just kind of resets your brain so you’re actually more productive and being able to just kind of design your life around that. So, I just knew for a few years that I wasn’t supposed to be working for a company forever, and so finally, I did kind of take the leap, and I left my financial services position, and I actually was living in Boston then, so I moved to Chicago, and my 93-year-old grandma actually let me live with her for a year because I wasn’t – yeah, I was only making –

Minnie: So nice of her. You are fortunate to have a grandma like that.

Stacy: She’s so – she’s the most generous person, yeah. She’s so sweet and was so kind to do that, yeah. Yeah, she’s one of my favorite people but she let me live with her for a year while I was growing my business. And then I kind of just went a few different directions. I actually started off designing t-shirts and selling them on Amazon as one of my main things, and I also owned a few websites, and that’s kind of when I started buying websites that were already profitable to run those and then grow other sites. So, I’ve kind of done quite a few just different types of things, and I also was doing some marketing consulting. 

So, I think there are just so many different ways you can make money online or work for yourself, and you just kind of have to figure out what works and take each path as it comes to you, so that’s kind of how I got to where I am today. And I mean, it still is evolving. I actually just relaunched my t-shirt shop online, mostly on Etsy. I work with my mom, actually, to design those, but I’m still doing the websites and the other – and some, even a little bit of marketing consulting, so you just have to kind of find the path that works for you. 

Minnie: So, the t-shirt people can design themselves and then you just print them, or it’s like whatever is there, you print them, and then you sell them?

Stacy: Yeah, it’s kind of like that. So, I’m actually the one designing the shirts and selling them, but people order them, and it’s from a print-on-demand platform, so I don’t have to store inventory or anything. It’s just when someone orders it, it’s printed and then shipped off to them. 

Minnie: I got it. Okay. So, that’s so good to know. So, when do you think this entrepreneur bug bit you? How long was that?

Stacy: I actually – that’s an interesting question because I’ve actually had the entrepreneur bug for quite a long time. Even when I was little, I would – we would have lemonade stands and sell lemonade or just doing that sort of thing. And then, even in college, I started a swimming lesson business in my backyard that I ran for three years and grew it to over 30 returning clients. So, that was my first experience running an actual successful service-based business. 

So, I think I kind of always knew that I liked running a business and providing something in exchange for the opportunity to make money. But yeah, and then after the swimming lesson business is when I started freelancing a little bit more, even in college, and then I suppose I just got a regular job, 9:00 to 5:00 job because that’s what I assumed everyone was supposed to do, but I think even then, from my first job after the initial excitement phase wore off, I knew I wanted to own a business. I just didn’t know how to take that leap. 

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