Working as a transcriptionist is an excellent way of supplementing your income. It provides immense opportunities, especially for students and parents. Transcriptionists can choose to work from the comfort of their home with a flexible schedule. However, perfecting transcribing skills needs constant practice and great effort to learn and improve.
You might have heard the common phrase, "Practice makes perfect." If you are trying to begin your transcription journey or have been working in the industry for a while, sharpening your skills would always give you an extra edge compared to your peers. 
While several tools and software are available at your disposal to start practicing and improving your transcription skills, TCI Accuracy Assessment Tool aims to transform transcriptionists into the absolute best they can be. 
TCI has a strong understanding of how necessary it is to practice transcription to improve your accuracy and skills regularly. With its assessment tool, you receive a collection of transcription practice files for first-hand practice and experience. Amateur transcriptionists can practice on these files to get quick results and improve their accuracy.

How TCI's assessment Practice Tool Helps Transcription Enthusiasts and Professionals

For Beginners

  • Practice Typing: Most proficient transcriptionists can type 50 words per minute (WPM). However, it would help if you tried to reach at least 60 WPM as a beginner. Boosting your typing speed will help you become more productive and increase your earnings eventually. This tool offers an assessment of your spelling, formatting, and accuracy. Additionally, it comes with a highlighter feature for pointing out all critical mistakes, thereby improving your entire learning experience. 
  • Indulge in Transcribing a wide Range of Audios: Transcriptionists are expected to possess excellent typing speed and stronghold over spelling and Grammar. However, the biggest challenge in their way is to decode complex audios. Some podcasts are poorly recorded with a lot of background noise, a thick accent, or several people talking simultaneously. Leveraging TCI audio typing tests, students can boost their hearing accuracy while decoding poor audio quality. The audio files come in different levels of difficulty helping students to challenge their expertise and become better at transcribing complex tasks. 

For Intermediate and Advanced Transcriptionists

  • Keep Improving Your Typing and Speed Accuracy: Typing quicker would enable you to take more work and subsequently make more money. If you have already reached 50 WPM, try to increase it further. TCI Accuracy Assessment Tool comes with a WPM counter to assess your typing speed. It enables you to evaluate your strengths and recognize where you can improve. 
  • Assessment of Repetitive Mistakes: As a human being, you are bound to make mistakes. However, as a transcriber, an error can adversely impact your progressing career. For example, one missing word from a sentence can change its entire meaning. Accuracy is the key. TCI Accuracy Assessment Tool has an assortment of transcription files to gain hands-on experience and be consistent with honing transcription skills. Continuous practice helps students identify their weaknesses and repetitive mistakes, which can be worked upon. 

So, discussed above is the answer to all your "How do I get good at transcribing?" questions. Using TCI Accuracy Assessment Tool would get you an extra edge while trying to perfect your transcribing. Using its unique highlighter feature points out every possible error in your content, thereby ensuring a solid and reliable transcribed text. 

TCI is committed to shaping up a great career for all transcriptionists by improving their typing, listening, and writing skills. Additionally, the tool has an option that enables transcriptionists to keep both hands fixed on the keyboard while maximizing productivity. It also comes with a WPM counter that helps the learners keep track of their typing speed progress. 

Transcription Certification Institute is a transcription training institute based in Ellensburg, WA, and founded in 2008. It helps shape a successful career in the transcription field by providing multiple internship opportunities with transcription companies upon completing its final course score. Once you have signed up for the accuracy assessment tool, you can access the free transcription practice files.