Have you always dreamed about a work-from-home job that pays good and allows much room for flexibility at work? Yes, you have such an attractive proposition before you, i.e., a transcription career.

Earn From the Comfort of Home

A transcription job has become a very popular choice for people around the world these days, enabling them to earn well sitting right within the comforts of their home. On the flip-side, the surging demand for a transcription job means that the industry is becoming very competitive, and if you haven't gained enough experience from homework, chances are that you're in for some disappointment initially once you begin your job hunt. But, this shouldn't be a cause for alarm: you are well advised to go for a certification from an institute of repute to hone your transcription skills and gain an upper hand over others to beat the cut-throat competition. TCI or the Transcription Certification Institute offers an online course and certification in general transcription recognized by industry leaders at a very affordable fee to make you a professional transcriptionist. This course has been gaining in popularity day by day among transcription students. Also read, "How To Get Started As A Transcriptionist – A Complete Guide [Part 1]".

Flexible Schedule for Students

TCI offers a great amount of flexibility for students, as there is no cap on the time-frame to finish this course. What's more, upon successful completion of the course, you're given a chance to do an internship with a leading transcription company to gain hands-on experience in live transcription jobs, giving you the perfect launch-pad to embark on a great transcription career. But before you begin applying for your first transcription job with a company, there are certain important things to bear in mind. First and foremost is to prepare a professional looking resume that gets noticed by your prospective employer.

Nail Your Transcription Resume and Get Shortlisted

A professional resume means that it has to stand out from the rest in a myriad of ways to get noticed. While most of the resumes include details like educational background, work experience, skill sets, etc., it's YOUR job to make them shine. When it comes to your skills, you need to prove them by being specific. You need to highlight with details your accuracy level, your language skills, listening skills, specify work schedules, quality of work, and your exact typing speed. In case you are having a certain level of experience in transcription, flaunt it by being specific. Also, don't forget to mention your educational background in detail. Become a Pro Transcriber

Not Interested? Refer a Friend & Earn

If any of your friends or acquaintances think that they will benefit by enrolling for the TCI general transcription course, you'll be excited to hear that there is an attractive referral program going on! For every friend of yours that you refer, you'll get a $25 gift card once your friend enrolls for the course. So hurry up and grab the offer!