If you take time out to do so, it becomes that much easier to make some progress, even if at times you might feel stuck. The impetus that you create can help you in getting hired, rather than being caught in the rigmarole of filling out one application after another.

Changes in the Way We Look for Jobs

Today, it's imperative to organize your job search, more than ever before, the reason being that the way we search for jobs has changed drastically. Just a decade ago, simply opening up the classified section of your local paper and circling promising-looking job ads was commonplace. Then, you'd either fax some resumes or go to a venue in person for handing over a paper copy directly to the hiring manager. Later, you might get a call for an in-person interview for the selection process. The entire mode of recruitment used to be offline.

It's a different world now, as we primarily turn to the internet to find work. More than three-quarters of U.S. adults turn to the Internet for their latest job search. But, and effective digital job search involves some understanding and being well organized to make progress and get hired eventually. Here are some tips:

1. Prepare Your Resume

These days, companies have made the hiring process simpler by using the Applicant Tracking System or ATS, a program that helps job applicants stay organized as well as help companies in managing a costly and lengthy hiring process. This platform is widespread among companies: therefore, it's a good idea to prepare your resume well in advance, as it can help in successfully passing through the ATS and get seen by human eyes.

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2. Tracking Jobs You're Applying To Is Important

To organize yourself better and be on track, use platforms like JibberJobber or you can use a simple spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Maintain a running list comprising each job that you've applied for. You need to include the company name, the contact person, the date on which you applied, or any special notes you would want to recall. You may also search for free job search templates online. Tracking and logging jobs will also allow you in cross-referencing unsolicited emails that promote scams and fraudulent opportunities from the supposedly potential employers.

3. Put Your Job Search On Autopilot

When it comes to online job boards, you can cut through the clutter if you create custom job alerts. Some really large job search sites have the feature of free job alerts that you can use to create and tailor according to your specifications. Else, you can use job boards like the one of the Transcription Certification Institute or TCI to automate your search.


You should simplify your job search right at the outset, to become and stay organized. If you do so, it will allow you to progress more effectively, saving you time and energy, while also boosting your chances of getting hired.

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