If you envision being your own boss, consider pursuing work from home transcription jobs. Instead of being forced to wake up at a certain time and face morning traffic, you can stay at home and be part of the solution to morning traffic jams for yourself and society. Here are deeper reasons why a transcription career can bring you happiness and freedom.

Be Your Own Boss

One of the greatest benefits of doing transcription work is that you can be your own boss. You won't have anyone breathing down your back micro-managing your work. Taking credit for your own work will bring you a greater sense of accomplishment. By transcribing documents accurately and providing a quick turnaround time, you will be able to satisfy clients and compete in the transcription marketplace.

Work from home transcription jobs allows you to work and take breaks whenever you want. Most people who work for an employer have to deal with juggling stressful deadlines with personal commitments, which can cause you to be deficient in meeting both work and personal goals. But working at your own pace at home gives you the opportunity to establish a balance that allows you to exceed at your career and personal endeavors.

Run Your Own Transcription Business

A transcription career can either involve working for a firm or as an independent contractor for clients. Law firms and healthcare organizations tend to look for long-term partners to do their transcription work. They want to work with people they can trust to handle confidential information. It's not to a company's advantage to keep hiring new transcriptionists, as it raises the risk of information leaks that can become serious issues. So if you can show your work is reliable to vendors, you will not need to keep recycling your list of clients.

Key Ingredients to Set Up a Successful Home-Based Transcription Business

Establishing loyal relationships is the key to a successful transcription career. Businesses rely on transcription services to preserve documentation that can determine future income. The most important quality you can offer to organizations that hire transcription services is reliability. Basic training makes it possible to evolve quickly after completing coursework and an internship. It's a business that does not require a substantial amount of capital to get started and in a short time, you can develop a list of clients that give you plenty of regular work.

Getting Transcription Training Gives You an Upper Hand

Learning to become a transcriptionist can be achieved affordably and you can gain certification in a matter of months. The certificate will give you an extra edge in credibility in the competitive transcription marketplace. You will need to be skilled in MS Word and have a command of English language knowledge, such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You will also need to study privacy guidelines and will need to excel in typing speed.

Investing in Transcription Equipment

After deciding to be your own boss and pursuing work from home transcription jobs, you'll need to invest in certain equipment that allows you to compete so that you can turn around assignments quickly and accurately. The equipment involves accessing and manipulating audio and video recordings through dictation software. You will need a headset and software that helps you organize your work.

While it's not always necessary to have prior transcription experience to start finding work, a learning institution can be helpful if letting you get hands-on experience so that you know what type of equipment you are comfortable with. The headset is a matter of personal preference. Lightweight headsets just over an ounce tend to feel more comfortable. Essentially, you need dictation software that allows you to work at a pace that makes sense for the amount of volume you can handle. You may need to spend a few hundred bucks on this software, depending on the demands of your transcription work. The software will provide you with an interface that gives you controls for managing media, such as audio speed controls. Some software lets you load audio files up to 20 hours long and bill clients based on audio time.

Another consideration is how much control you want over the number of lines and characters that are displayed on the screen as you transcribe the recordings. The software has controls to easily start and stop the audio so that you can take breaks whenever you want and easily pick up from where you left off. Variable speed allows you to listen from half-speed to three times the speed without distortion. Dictation programs allow you to archive each dictation as its own file that can be identified by its file name, creation date, and job status. The more advanced software offers, even more, user-friendly tools. It comes down to playback quality and how you want to organize your recordings.

Over to You

One way you can beat the 9-5 job routine and set your own work hours is with a transcription career. Transcription can be a rewarding career, providing services for important organizations such as law firms, healthcare facilities, media outlets, and many other businesses. It's not that difficult to become a certified transcriptionist, allowing you to set your own flexible schedule.

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