Free Advice

Some Free Advice And A Few Words Of Wisdom

Congratulations to you for reaching the end of the eBook! You have shown more commitment than 95% of people looking for a work-from-home solution.

Here is some free advice that most of the people ignore:

  1. Success in your endeavor requires hard work and dedication. This is real work that comes with major responsibilities. You should be able to make a decent earning as a transcriptionist, but it is real work. You will not be able to work for one hour a week and expect to make thousands of dollars.
  2. Success, either as a transcriptionist or as a transcription business owner will take longer than whatever timeframe you have in mind. If you are looking to become successful in this or any business in a short period of time, chances are that you will fail. Make sure that you are in it for the long haul if you want to be successful.
  3. Focus on making your customers successful, and you will succeed. This means 1) accurate transcription, 2) on time delivery, and 3) great customer service. You will find that many of your clients’ computer skills are lacking, and you may need to walk them through processes that a 2nd grader can easily handle. You need to be courteous and treat them with respect (or at least pretend to).
  4. If you outsource some work to other transcriptionists, something you may need within months after starting your own business, never hire one unless you have seen their work. Better yet, ask for certificates from and before you hire them.
  5. ALWAYS proofread your transcripts, especially transcripts done by subcontractors, before sending it to your clients.
  6. The only “magic” for any business is perseverance and innovation. You will need both to keep working on your business and adjust to roadblocks that you will encounter.
  7. And lastly, manage your stress. Make sure that you like this work and running this business. No business is worth it unlessYOU enjoy doing it.
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