Does It Matter What Country I Live In?

The answer to this question is different for different people. It all depends on your customer’s needs. The best advice for a transcriptionist is to position themselves based on their skills and strengths.

Here are some suggestions for positioning yourself for a transcription job:

  • Experienced Local Transcriptionists – Showcase certificates and highlight experience and testimonials when applying for work-from-home transcription projects. Highlight your level of understanding of the area and familiarity with the subject matter if pitching for a local project.
  • Experienced Transcriptionists that are not Local – Highlight testimonials, certificates, experience, and offer guarantees for the accuracy of work in the pitch.
  • New Local Transcriptionists – Highlight understanding of the issues and certificate. Offer references of the company (companies) you've worked for or completed an internship program with as a result of completing the Transcription Certification Institute course with a qualifying final course score.(Internship Program).
  • New Transcriptionists that are not Local –Transcription Certification Institute Certificate and internship experience, along with satisfaction guarantee and low cost (at least for the first few clients) will be most important while applying for a transcription job in a new place (Country/City).
does it matter what country i live in

People who may be living in a foreign country, but have experience living or working in another country could easily become a general transcriptionist and enjoy a superior standard of living. For example, people who have relocated from the USA to low-cost countries can easily become a successful transcriptionist and earn a comfortable living.

A person living in another country who has the experience of interacting with people of the USA can become a successful transcriptionist for US projects after completion of the certification and internship. Call center operators based in the Philippines or India can easily do simple general transcription work for American customers because of their experiences talking to Americans as part of their call center work. A typical call center operator in India can easily quadruple their income and still undercut their competitors abroad by getting trained as a work-from-home general transcriptionist.