College students are often looking for side hustle ideas to make money. The ideal job for most would involve working 2 or 3 hours a day and would allow them to make extra money for the little things they may need for their classes. Online transcription is just one of the many ways college students can make extra money.

Top 10 Flexible Ways for College Students to Make Money Online

  1. Medical/Legal Transcription

    Offer transcription services to medical or legal offices. If your major or minor is in either field, you may be able to earn credit for on the job training. Most medical and legal offices always have openings for clerks or transcriptionists.

  2. Production Transcription

    Transcribe videos or work as someone who transcribes in real time for closed captioning programming. This is a great place to start if your college has it's own television or radio station.

  3. Research Transcription

    Offer your talents to the research students or teachers by transcribing their notes or lectures.

  4. Editorial Transcription

    Offer to edit, and clean up term papers. You can also put them in the proper format. While the paper must be the student's own work, most can always use a review or a few editing tips.

  5. General Transcription

    Practice Your Transcription Skills

    Offices can always use an extra hand when it comes to transcribing the notes of meetings, conference calls, and other recorded media. This type of transcription can be performed both on or off campus and will also get you a few quality business references for your resume. Get more insights about getting started as a general transcriptionist here.

  6. Class Notes Transcription

    Students who take a lot of notes rarely take the time to keep them organized. Offering to transcribe them can make you a good chunk of cash over the years you spend in school.

  7. Administrative Assistant

    Offer to work in the administrative offices at the school. You will do a variety of jobs and will also be able to use your transcription skills. A few hours a week will get you the practice you need to keep your skills sharp and may also get you a good reference or letter or recommendation for your resume after graduation.

  8. Teacher's Assistant

    Offer your transcription skills to a teacher in your chosen career field. You can transcribe their notes, lectures, and help them prepare class materials. It will allow you to gain valuable experience and help you to keep your transcription skills sharp.

  9. Research Assistant

    Offer to help researchers maintain their notes and presentations. In the research field, organization and accuracy when it comes to notes and records are essential. With your skills, you can help them stay organized and on task so they can spend their time more efficiently.

  10. Audio/Visual Tech

    Spend a few hours a week in the Audio/Visual lab. Whether you are helping with the equipment or transcribing videos, there will always be something new for you to learn. With new technological advancements coming out every day, you will be able to see them firsthand and get to know how to use them to your advantage.

If you're trying to figure out how to make money as a college student, look around. There are several areas where a simple transcription certification can open up the door to a lucrative part-time, or even full-time position. You can also do many of these jobs online, which means you don't have to worry about traveling to and from work. Find out how much you can earn just be offering transcription services a couple of hours every day!

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