General transcription is an excellent career choice for steady income, regardless of what happens with the broader economy. There's plenty of work to be found as a freelancer or with a professional transcription company. Here are reasons why becoming a transcriber is not only beneficial, but a smart choice.

Career Stability

Transcription services are a gateway to career stability because there will always be trials and documentation for which transcription is necessary. Even if you decide to be a freelancer, you can develop a lengthy list of law firm clients after establishing a solid, reliable reputation. Even during holidays you will likely have plenty of work options from which you can choose to fit your schedule.

Recession-Proof Work

The reason a transcription job can withstand any type of economy is that it is based on the strict schedule of businesses or law firms that never runs out of court cases or audios that need documentation. Law firms are known to be busy reviewing or creating documents even during holidays. There will also always be times when videos, particularly depositions, need to be transcribed. Steady work comes down to multiple established business relationships.

Worth the Investment

Although there are certain expenses involved when you become a transcriber or find a transcriptionist job, it's worth the investment if you are committed to the work. Part of the investment is in coursework that prepares you for various types of transcription work. The main key to be a successful transcriptionist is willingness to dedicate an error-free focus to each client and pay close attention to government compliance regarding privacy.

You probably won't need to pay for equipment if you work for a full service transcription company, but if you are expected to pay for equipment, it will likely involve cameras and audio recording gear. Most modern transcriptionists also use transcription software, along with their own computers.

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