Are you wondering for online transcription jobs? Yes. Look no further. We've compiled a list of transcription companies hiring worldwide for transcribers and translators on the TCI Job Board. The list is regularly being updated. So, stay tuned!

At the same time, it is highly recommended that those looking for a home-based transcription career undergo an online transcription certification and training course like the one TCI offers. It will help them gain a competitive edge over others and develop the necessary transcription skills before they kick-start their transcription career.

List of Top Transcription Companies Hiring Worldwide on TCI Job Board

If you are already a trained resource and looking for a transcription job, here is the list of transcription companies currently hiring on the TCI Job Board, both globally, or within the US.

  1. Preferred Transcription

  2. This company is currently looking out for a medical transcriptionist with at least four years of work experience who can work independently from home. Candidates having experience in at least several of the following areas, namely PM&R, strokes, pain management, traumatic brain injury/concussion, wheelchair clinic, internal medicine, pulmonology, nephrology, will be preferred.

  3. SpeakWrite

  4. Founded in 1997, this company is the largest provider of non-medical transcription services in the US, and is currently searching for general and legal transcribers with at least two years of work experience. It's a work from home opportunity.

  5. Daily Transcription:

    • Daily Transcription is looking for bilingual transcribers who are fluent in both English and Spanish and can transcribe audios/videos from Spanish to Spanish, Spanish to English and English to Spanish with competence. It's a freelance, work from home position.
    • They also have openings for media transcribers: You must possess the ability to transcribe verbatim busy video/audio footage. Experience transcribing unscripted film/shows is a plus.
    • They are also seeking transcribers who are experienced at producing Continuity Scripts (CCSL's, CDSL's and Combined Continuity), Dialogue Lists and As-Broadcast Scripts.
    • The transcribers must be able to take on a minimum of 2.5 hours of video/audio per week, be residents of the US and can work during the weekends.
  6. ADA Transcription

  7. It's currently searching for people with at least three years of experience in transcription, with at least a part of it being in general transcription. Being a US resident is a mandatory requirement. This is a work from home position.

  8. Focus Forward

  9. They are looking for experienced transcribers for a complete work from home opportunity. It's mandatory to have experience transcribing focus groups and market research interviews. The topics could range from medical (pharmaceutical, physician, patient conditions, etc.) to consumer products and experiences, as well as business to business.

  10. GMR Transcription

  11. It's a transcription company currently looking for home-based general transcriptionists in the U.S. Experience is preferred but not mandatory. The company is currently also hiring for qualified Spanish translators.

  12. Voxtab

  13. This company is currently seeking both freelance and onsite transcribers for a lyrics project in the Japanese language.

  14. Crimson Interactive

  15. It has a requirement for English (source to source) transcription. Their audios/videos on varying subjects, from clinical research, astronomy, science, medicine, economy, business, music, arts, etc. The audios and videos are a mixed bag of conferences, one-on-one interviews, symposiums, seminars, events, telephonic conversations, documentaries, etc.

  16. MD to MD, LLC

  17. They are on the lookout for Medical VR editors adept in using EditScript version 11 and are willing to work night shifts. They should have a minimum of 3 years of experience using the eScription platform, with at least 15 years' transcription/editing experience and a thorough knowledge of medical terminology with good English language skills.

  18. Napean India Outsourcing

  19. They are searching for transcriptionists. On-job training will be provided. It's a work-from-home position. The above-listed companies are only a few out of the many that post their vacancies on the TCI job board on a regular basis. If you are excited about the prospects mentioned above and are looking for in-depth information about these transcription companies and their requirements, visit currently hiring section of the TCI job board without any delay.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on June 14, 2017 and has been updated with the latest transcription job listings on the TCI Job Board.