One skill a general transcriptionist needs to possess is the ability to touch type. Touch typing is the ability to type without looking at the keyboard. Many people are so adept at typing without glancing at their keyboard, that when they do, it might actually slow them down. Touch typing allows a transcriptionist to type several words a minute without errors, if they are proficient and have mastered the skill. The following tips will help you develop the touch typing skills you need to be an efficient and accurate typist.

Memorize the Keyboard

The first thing a touch typist needs to do is memorize the keyboard. Take the time to use a laptop or computer for several hours a day until you begin to learn where every letter and character is located on the keyboard. Practice makes perfect, so spending a few hours a day, typing and familiarizing yourself with the equipment is the first step towards success.

Use all 10 Fingers

If you want to be efficient when it comes to touch typing, the key is to use all 10 fingers. “Hunting and pecking” or just using three or four fingers makes you look at the keyboard and formulate what you are trying to stay. Knowing where letters and characters are located and which fingers can be used to efficiently reach them will help you pick up the touch typing process. Once you are able to efficiently use all of your fingers and you have the keyboard memorized, you will be able to type almost as quickly as you speak. This gives you the advantage and will prevent you from losing your train of thought.

Transcribe Your Favorite Television Show

One way to practice your touch typing skills and check for accuracy is to open a document on your laptop and transcribe your favorite television show. Once you get to be extremely proficient and you know where everything is on your keyboard, your accuracy will begin to improve tremendously. Start slowly at first and then gradually increase speed until you can type quickly and efficiently with minimal errors. become a transcriptionist