So, you are eager to kick-start a career in transcription. But are you still in the dark about what it takes to be able to do so? In other words, what is your transcription readiness? Take this quick quiz to find out! Already taken the quiz?

If you are sure about your transcription readiness, then waste no time. Just visit the TCI Job Board and upload your resume there. This Job Board is exclusively meant for transcribers looking to work from home as independent contractors or for full-time positions with companies. You can opt for a part-time position also by selecting the right category.

If, however, you feel you're still a novice in transcription, we strongly recommend that you sign-up for the TCI transcription certification course. This online course provides certification and training to novice transcribers which helps them hone their transcription skills to become a professional, home-based transcriptionist. Also, upon completion of the certification, we arrange an internship program with transcription companies that will give you the necessary live working experience in transcription.

Although there is no strict time frame, we suggest that you aim toward completing the entire course in no less than 21 days, and a maximum of 90 days. However, it's entirely your call in deciding how many days you take to complete the course.

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