We all know that a career in transcription is highly competitive and you need to continuously fine-tune your skills to stand out from other transcriptionists. Knowing this, the Transcription Certification Institute has upgraded their course, so you can improve your essential transcription skills.

TCI's new course upgrade is aimed at providing benefits of great learning and industry-relevant insights to the transcriptionists, and now come with new features.

The key features of this course are:

  • Guaranteed internship with a qualifying course score
  • Ongoing career support after course completion
  • Discussion board with support from other transcriptionists
  • Q&A with transcription professionals
  • Premier access to new job listings on the TCI Job Board
  • Unlimited free access to Accuracy Assessment Tool

Each of these features has been specially curated to offer transcriptionists with comparative knowledge of the latest emerging trends in the profession and transcription efficiency. In addition to the newly added features in the upgraded version, we have added five new general transcription lessons to give you more online training and help you develop the skill sets to become a top-notch transcriptionist. We have new lessons on:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Getting a Job in Transcription
  • Verbatim vs. Non-Verbatim
  • How to Be a Professional Independent Contractor and
  • How to Make the Most Money

You will not only understand the ins and outs of this profession, but will also get a chance to enhance your communication skills. You will increase your speed as a transcriptionist and learn the differences between verbatim and non-verbatim transcription. Also, you will receive tips for getting a job in the transcription industry, as well as learn more about the hourly rates!

We are also offering new resources on legal transcription, eBooks, checklists, and cheat sheets. By renewing, you will get all relevant tips and valuable facts about transcription—along with unlimited access.

Become a Professional Transcriptionist with the TCI Upgraded Course

This course is currently being offered for $699. So don't lose your chance today to receive all the benefits of this course!

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