The perks of working from home cannot be matched. There is something magical about watching over your toddlers and still getting work done. However, if you thought that working from home with toddlers is easier than driving to the office, you are mistaken. Your children are definitely the apple of your eye. However, sometimes they can be a handful. This is especially true when you want to complete that urgent client transcription work with a looming deadline. Working from home with toddlers can be a struggle of balancing your career and parenting roles. However, you can successfully work from home while raising toddlers without pulling all your hair out. The secret is to make sure your toddlers are busy while you are working. When both of you are “working', you will have time to finish your transcription or other freelance work, while still keeping an eye on the toddlers.

6 Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy as You are Working From Home

#1 Set Aside Special Toys

Put aside a box full of fantastic toys that your toddler will love. The toys can be as simple or complicated as you want. For example, you can have Legos, dress-up dolls, board games, puzzles and so on. The trick is that the toddler should only have access to the box when you are working. This way, he will not easily get bored with the toys. When you finish working, pack up the toys. You want the child to crave the toys during your work time. Make sure that the toys in the box are age-appropriate for your toddler.

#2 Color Matching Game

One of the most addictive games toddlers love is matching color pom-poms. If your toddler calls everything a single color, the game is perfect for introducing him to new colors. For this game, you will need a plastic tray, pom-poms, paint swatches and colored balls. Tape the paint swatches down each section. When your toddler starts playing, he will grab and try to move them! Introduce the toddler to the game by matching the colored balls. Let him try matching the balls after a short while. Note: Ensure your toddler is playing where you can see him. Some toddlers may end up putting the colored balls in the mouth and risk choking.

#3 Set Aside a Movie Day

If you have a regular work at home schedule, set aside a movie day. For example, you may set aside the busiest day to be a movie day. Of course, you want to stock up on a lot of kids' movies. If you prefer subscriptions, all the major cable channels have kid appropriate programs. However, this is just like the case with the toys, make sure your child only watches one or two movies. By the end of the second movie, you should have completed a majority of the client tasks you may have. Caution: Don't try to put the toddler on a full day movie marathon. He will not be able to sit still doing nothing but watching.

#4 Contact Paper Art

Art is one of the activities that can keep your toddler busy while you are working. Toddlers love colors and there is no better activity that will let them play with colorful items than contact paper art. The activity is simple: get contact paper and stick it on the floor or table to make a square shape. From there, give your toddler various things to stick on the contact art.

#5 Water Table

This is a tried and true way in which you can keep toddlers busy while you are working from home. Moreover, there are no complicated toys to buy or play with. To get started, you will need a water table or a large bin filled with water. Let your child get into the bin to play. The toddler will need various items such as balls, squirt toys, cups and other water-friendly objects. Do not leave the toddler to play alone. You should place him where you can easily monitor the play.

#6 Paper Cutting

This is not exactly an activity you may be thinking about, but toddlers love cutting and tearing papers. You definitely must have caught your toddler more than once tearing the receipts, bills or any papers he finds lying around. Why not supply him with all the paper he needs? This is a good way to keep your toddler busy. For this activity, you will need to sort out some papers to be torn. These can be old magazines or newspapers, or any papers you would like to dispose. Gather the paper and let your kid sit next to them, where you can see him. Your toddler will get busy when he sees the paper! Keep an eye on your toddler to ensure he does not put the paper in his mouth. You can keep your toddlers busy at home with some simple and creative activities. The above are some ideas on how to keep toddlers busy at home. Keep an eye on the toddler as you do your work so he doesn't end up hurting himself.

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