The ability to carry out excellent research is crucial for anyone who would like to transcribe content. When doing transcription work, transcribers often need to research to determine the exact words spoken in the context of a speech. Research may be needed for various reasons, including when:

  • The speakers have a heavy accent
  • The speakers are using language and/or jargon privy to a particular industry
  • The speakers are using slang words that are not universally known but may be common in a specific region
  • The words spoken are distorted due to influences such as car noise or the wind

An experienced transcriber should produce transcriptions of the highest accuracy level. This usually means having to research some terms to get their correct spellings. For example, transcribers that wish to work with clients in the legal or medical industries usually need years of training in the respective industries.

The jargon used in the industries will easily prove difficult for a newbie transcriber to understand. However, a transcriber with formal training in the industries will find the project a breeze.

How to Effectively Research Transcription Projects

Become a Professional Transcriptionist from HomeWhen doing a transcription project, transcribers should know which industry the speakers are in. This will help them when researching words they may not know or that are unclear in the speech. Another thing to consider is the geographic area of the speakers. This information can help with identifying words that are heavily accented. The geographic background of the speakers can also be used to identify slang words that may have been used in a speech.

When carrying out general transcription work, transcribers may not need to do a lot of research. With such projects, the only thing to worry about is the accuracy of the transcribed content. However, when transcribing audio or video files of clients in a specialized industry, understanding the jargon of the industry is important. This is where research is necessary.

Researching enables transcribers to produce accurate content, which makes clients happy. Apart from this, regular research increases the knowledge scope of a transcriber, allowing him or her to work fast and make more money.

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