Today, video content is becoming more popular than ever before! This, in turn, is also increasing the demand for video editors. This growth is largely due to technological developments, advanced media, and professional video editors who know how to attract users with their way around the editing software.

If you enjoy watching films and short clips and wonder how they are made, you can also start video editing. Film editors edit and cut their clips to charm their audience with a captivating story. Editing takes a significant amount of time to ensure that the outcome stands out.

However, editing software is a cost-effective tool that helps beginners save time and make significant productivity improvements. With excellent freelance jobs available online, whether you are passionate about video making or video editing, you can easily find the roles that best suit you. This article will discuss how video editing can be a good career option for you.

Let’s first look at the following interesting statistics:

  • About 87% of the marketers revealed that video content aided in increasing their traffic.
  • Oversaid 90% of the professional marketers that video content helped them enhance their understanding of particular products and services.
  • Over 85% of marketing experts agreed that videos enabled them to generate leads, and 93% agreed that they helped increase brand awareness.
  • About 87% say that video helped generate a good Return On Investment. (ROI).

From the customer’s point of view:

  • 88% were convinced to buy a product after watching the brand’s video.
  • People watch almost 19 hours of videos online every week, and one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily.
  • 73% of people prefer watching short videos.

These numbers indicate the popularity of video content and the growth of influencers and celebrities who post videos on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. This has created the demand for video editing jobs today more than ever.

Video is the most popular content form online, presenting an opportunity to develop a career in video editing. So, whether you want to start your own video editing business or simply look for home-based video editing jobs, know that the number of people hiring video editors increases every day.

Who Is a Video Editor?

Video editors play a key role in visual media production, like YouTube videos, commercials, reels, TV shows, and movies. A good video editor assembles and manipulates footage using easy-to-use video editing software and adds the appropriate sounds, graphics, and other effects to narrate a story.

There’s no doubt that the video content, when edited correctly, can have a tremendous impact on the viewer's perception of the final message. Skilled video editors treat video editing both as a science and art. They utilize their unique video editing software skills to make it appealing and steer the project in an artistic and appealing direction.

Steps to Become a Video Editor

Becoming a video editor depends largely on what kind of work you are looking for, your educational background, and the type of production you want to work on. You can start by building a portfolio.

Freelance Vs. In-House Video Editor

  • Scope of the Role

    Starting as an in-house video editor means you are looking at entry-level jobs, and you might have to wait for some time before you get to do the actual editing you wish for. One can take the help of a senior video editor to gain industry experience.

    However, starting as a freelancer, you can get smaller projects, like helping someone with their YouTube channel or editing an event video. You can land several projects and contracts for months when you gain more experience and build a stronger portfolio. So, the path you choose entirely depends on your lifestyle and comfort level.

  • Flexibility

    In-house roles can sound more secure because it comes with a sense of stability, meaning you work the same hours every day and receive a regular salary. A freelancer can find their client and who they want to work with. One of the difficulties can be figuring out where your next salary comes from after completing a project. However, several freelance video editors prefer the freedom and flexibility that comes with home-based work.

  • Degree

    One of the best ways to learn to edit a video is to get a degree focusing on video production. Yes, formal education can help you gain experience with different software and video editor and editing applications. This way, it’s easier to complete a project on time and build an appealing portfolio. You are free to become a freelancer because the industry demands high-quality work.

4 Ways to Work as a Freelance Video Editor

Being a freelance video editor means you get to be your boss because you control your money, time, and the number of projects you want to deal with. If you love this idea too, you can also easily get started by following these four tips:

  1. Plan Your Freelance Career

    You don’t want to rush in and misunderstand your client’s requirements. So make realistic and solid plans for starting your career. Carefully plan and manage your finances for the upcoming months after considering the software you want to use.

  2. Invest in an Excellent tool

    Today, the market is packed with countless video editor tools that are essential as they allow users to create clips that keep the audience engaged. Make a list of all the tools you require, plan on using the best video editing software, and find whether your PC has sufficient RAM to support the software.

  3. Brand Yourself as a Freelancer

    The best part about being a freelance video editor is that you become more visible once clients start noticing you. So work with your strengths to attract the project and potential clients. Analyze your skills and interest and what you are good at. Once done, try and create a brand for yourself. You can specialize in:

    • YouTube video
    • Music video
    • Wedding video
    • Short films
    • Google video
    • Green screen video
    • Microsoft video
    • Post-production video
    • Video clip editor
  4. Build Connections

    If you want to taste success working at home as a video editor, you can get in touch with some of the industry's best professionals. You can enhance your video editing business by simply networking as a freelancer. Visit a few local events, join video editor groups online and build connections with peers and clients who want to get video editors on board.

Start Editing Your First Project Today

Independence, flexibility, and dealing with different projects from various industries, freelance video editing requires hard work like any other job.

The best way to enjoy your career is by trying out. Get your hands on some reliable and superb video editing software, find online classes, and just give it a go!