Technological advancements have made remote working in transcription a lot easier than before. Using the internet, audio files can be downloaded on a computer and documents can be uploaded after the completion of transcription work. Consequently, the number of home-based transcription jobs have increased. To do a transcription job from home, you need to have specific skill sets, the right equipment and also, importantly, where to find the proper transcription jobs while avoiding scams. General transcription forms the broadest job category in transcription with wide variations in the kind of skills required, the duties to be performed, and of course, the wages provided. General transcription jobs could range from mundane tasks like data entry to financial/legal transcription and live captioning. Although transcription work is challenging, it's possible to train as well as work from home or any other place where you can access a web-enabled computer. However, a higher remuneration will follow only through diligent training and practice, the only path for enjoying the benefits that come with a home-based general transcriptionist career. You need to focus on the following do's and don'ts while searching for home-based transcription jobs.

The Do's of a Home-Based Transcription Job Search

Take This Free Quiz to Find Out Begin your search by first looking at the skills you need to have to do transcription work. Quick typing speed is great to have, but there are some other skills needed as well. You must have great attention to detail, with the desire to produce clean copy, which implies that your grammar and punctuation skills are impeccable. Next, you should consider your hearing and listening skills: as a transcriptionist, you will have to have to listen to recordings in which people might be speaking in accents, mumbling, or using uncommon words, and then type what you hear. Although the equipment needed for the job may vary depending on the type of work, a web-enabled computer is a must: in addition, you will most likely need transcription software and a word-processing software. Using a foot pedal and headphones will help you improve your speed.

The Don'ts of a Home-Based Transcription Job Search

Enroll Today in General Transcription Course When looking for home-based transcription jobs, you should be familiar with the signs of a WAH scam. Quite often, dubious companies try selling bogus training/certification for jobs that are non-existent. You should be aware that general transcription doesn't require specific training. Also, be on guard if the training that is needed for a job can only be purchased through your prospective employer. You should avoid getting involved with companies that are trying to sell you a “business opportunity”, as any legitimate company will never charge you any fees to work for them. Finally, during your home-based transcription job hunt, you must make sure that the opportunity is worthwhile, as the income you receive would be based on your output. If you have a lack of experience, limited speed and accuracy could hinder your ability to make a steady income.

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