The work from home option sounds an attractive proposition for many moms due to its sheer flexibility. However, they are generally unsure whether they would be able to stay disciplined and productive while working from home due to many distractions, like family, neighbors and even the laundry, with other household responsibilities on top of it. Therefore, this form of work calls for embracing some personal development tips on their part.

It is surprising to hear, then, that there has been a substantial rise in the number of people working from home in the U.S. during the last decade. With the technological advancement making this trend possible, work from home option's real advantage lies in enabling a more family-centric lifestyle for moms. There are challenges for them though, as they need to adopt systems and strategies to make sure things go smoothly and also to protect their time from any form of distraction.

The following are some personal development tips that work-at-home moms or the wannabes can embrace to stay productive:

  1. Creating a Schedule

  2. Creative moms could have an aversion to this, but they are advised to try creating schedules and deadlines at least for a week in the beginning as a part of their personal development. To do this, you need to set aside specific time slots for work. This way, you can get a lot more done each day than getting stuck in the same place for weeks without following a routine.

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  3. Building Boundaries to Eliminate Distractions

  4. This personal development tip requires work-at-home moms to establish boundaries between personal and professional commitments. They can achieve this by setting aside a designated workspace and having specific office hours. This way, they can fully concentrate on their job while also honoring their family commitments beyond their work schedules. This way, the children will also gradually learn to recognize when their mom is at work and when she would be available.

  5. Finding a Reliable Childcare

  6. If you have kids who are not yet in school and you need to manage a home-based business, it’s advisable to find out a reliable childcare center to be able to honor your job commitments and work toward your personal development.

  7. Re-prioritizing to Let Go of Something

  8. If you already are or contemplating a work from home career, you need to re-prioritize and curtail your activities and familial obligations to manage your work responsibilities more productively, even if it means saying no to a parent-teacher meeting or the church committee without a sense of guilt or having to justify such decisions. This is a small price to pay to work towards your personal development goals.

  9. Getting Sound Sleep

  10. In order to be a mompreneur, you need to get adequate sleep daily; otherwise, you may feel sick and unhappy all day and won’t be successful managing dual roles as a mom and an entrepreneur.

  11. Prepare a Weekly Planning Calendar

  12. Have a weekly planning meeting by setting aside an hour or so at the beginning of each week to set out your priorities for the week. This will help in setting definite goals for your business and your family, as well as yourself. A time management calendar is one of the most important personal development tips to be productive and stay on track. Learn more about how to raise your performance bar much, much higher.

  13. Getting Out of the House

  14. This proposition often becomes difficult for work from home moms, simply because they chose to be with their families while working. Nevertheless, managing a business in a vacuum can make you feel lonely. So for the sake of building real and personal relationships that will enrich your life, an important part of personal development, as well as to get fresh air and witnessing a change of scenery that can lift your mood, find time to get out of your house.

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