Working from home as a transcriptionist is a rewarding and fulfilling experience; you can be with your kids any time you wish, and have the freedom to work at any time.

However, remote careers also have their challenges. Apart from work-related challenges, there is also the issue of dealing with isolation when working from home. It is not uncommon to end the day without having spoken a word to anyone.

Many transcriptionists worry about their social life declining due to the nature of their work. Luckily, you don’t have to forget about socializing just because you work online. Here are some handy tips on how to handle working from home that will guarantee you a balanced social life when working remotely as a transcriptionist. 

Work in the Library or Café

The beauty of transcription work is that it can be done from anywhere, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. This means that you can work not only from home but also the local library or your favorite café that has Wi-Fi.

Make a habit of going to work at a café or library; you are guaranteed to meet interesting people. Simply get a quiet corner and start working on your assignment. Working in a place surrounded by other people can help you feel connected as a transcriptionist.

To start, try to work at a café or the library for a couple of days during the week to see how things will turn out.

Designate “Off” Days

One of the traps of being your own boss is feeling that you always need to be working.  This is especially the case if you are being paid per assignment. However, working all the time can make it difficult to balance a social life.

While transcription gives you the freedom to work at your own time, it is important to treat it like a normal job. This means you should have specific working hours and also take breaks. Give yourself a few days’ off during the month to rejuvenate your mind from all the work. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter burnout and end up struggling with this job that you had hoped would give you the freedom to work on your own terms.

Make an Effort to Meet Up With Friends

You should be deliberate with your efforts to stay social when working from home. This means taking a proactive approach to call the people you want to spend time with. The internet has made communication easier and more effective. However, don’t limit your socializing to the internet.

Instead of always texting your friends on Facebook, make an effort to meet them in person. This will allow you to catch up and maintain your friendships. You’ll also get out of the house and take a step away from your work.

Attend Industry Events

Mingle and network with other small businesses owners or transcriptionists at local events. Is there a local business conference coming up? Sign up to attend. This is a great tip on how to stay social when working from home. You can also scout the internet for events that cater to work-at-home professionals.

Attending events in person helps to improve your social life and can boost your business. The networking events can expose your business to new customers and potential partners that you can work with in future.

The above are some tips that can help you deal with isolation when working from home as a transcriptionist and have a healthy social life.

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