A transcriptionist must have a firm grasp of the English language. This includes knowing how to spell each word with a high rate of accuracy. With that being said, there are several difficult words for transcriptionists. In transcription terms, these can be deal-breakers, and great attention must be paid to make sure they are spelled and used correctly.

  1. Antarctica

    Located in the southern hemisphere, it is one of the largest of the continents. The South Pole is located in Antarctica.

  2. Rural

    Areas located outside of a town or metro area. Another term for out in the countryside.

  3. Asterisk

    A symbol often used for annotation purposes or to identify an omitted section of text.

  4. Brewery

    A brewery is a facility where beer is brewed. Breweries are also known as beerhouses.

  5. Cavalry

    In the past, cavalry referred to soldiers who rode on horseback. Today, a cavalry is a group of soldiers who ride in armored vehicles.

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  6. Comfortable

    A state of being relaxed and at ease. It can also be used to describe certain types of clothing that feel nice and easy to wear or furniture that is pleasant to sit on.

  7. Defibrillator

    A device that uses an electric current to re-establish a heart's regular rhythm. Defibrillators are used if a person has a heart attack, and their heart stops beating.

  8. Deteriorate

    Deteriorate means to break down or worsen over an extended period of time. Deteriorate can also mean that something is eroding or falling apart.

  9. Explicit

    If something is explicit, it is extremely detailed and precise. There is little to no room for doubts or questions as to what is being discussed or seen.

  10. FebruaryPractice Your Transcription Skills

    February is the second month of the year and only has 28 days. During a leap year, the month has 29 days. Leap years occur every four years.

  11. Exponentially

    A mathematical term, which means a steady and dramatic increase that continually occurs over time.

  12. Isthmus

    A long narrow strip of land that is connected to the shore. An isthmus is mostly surrounded by water, with only a small portion attached to the shoreline.

  13. Massachusetts

    A small state located in New England. Boston and Cape Cod are two of the most prominent destinations within the state.

  14. Temperature

    Temperature refers to how warm or cold the air/substance feels when it touches the skin. Temperature is measured in degrees using a thermometer or other sensitive instruments.

  15. Worcestershire

    Worcestershire is the name of a small county in the United Kingdom, but it also refers to a condiment that contains both vinegar and garlic.

  16. Library

    A library is a storehouse of information that includes printed and digital material on a comprehensive list of topics. In most libraries, materials can be borrowed and returned on a regular basis. Reference materials are also available.

  17. Often

    The word 'often' refers to an event's frequency or the number of times something occurs within a certain time frame.

  18. Phenomenon

    A phenomenon is an occurrence or situation that has been witnessed, but there are questions about its validity.

  19. Sixth

    The “sixth” refers to six times something has happened. In relation to numbers, a “sixth” item is one more than five in a set.

  20. Specific

    One particular item that is clearly identified. 'Specific' refers to an item that is precisely defined.

  21. Colonel

    A colonel is a rank in the military that falls directly above a lieutenant colonel and just below a brigadier general.

  22. Draught

    Draught is the British version of the word draft and is often used to refer to beer drawn directly from the tap.

  23. Scissors

    A scissors is a cutting instrument made up of two blades that are brought together by bringing the ends that are opposite to the blades, together repeatedly to cut paper, cloth, or other types of material.

  24. Mischievous

    A person or animal that enjoys causing mischief or loves to play and have fun, sometimes at the expense of others.

  25. Successful

    Successful refers to someone achieving their goals and intended purposes. This can include being popular or making a profit in business.

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