Data protection is a primary area of concern in the transcription industry, especially if you plan to have your depositions, research audios, podcasts, interviews, or any other audio or video content transcribed. If you are thinking about being self-employed and would like to work with flexible working hours, owning a transcription business is a great way to start. As long as you stick to deadlines, you can operate with your preferred working hours.

Your clients could be companies that are looking for affordable transcription services. Businesses, legal, and medical professionals can easily collaborate with transcription service providers on the daily. 

However, transcription requires dealing with confidential data which clients do not want to compromise. Businesses looking for these services generally prefer forwarding the task to a reliable partner who will ensure its quality and data protection.

Here are ways you can master the art of transcription confidentiality with these  proven and effective tips:

  1. ISO Accreditations: Clients would often look for ISO accreditation to ensure the legitimacy of the service provider. The most important accreditations that transcription service providers include are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. The first one gives the criteria for a quality management system, while the second one provides information security. 
  2. Maintaining Data Fragmentation: Ensuring client data fragmentation is another element several transcription service providers use to ensure the highest-level security. Using this approach, the entire responsibility of transcription is not limited 5 to just one team member. Instead, the data is fragmented and divided among multiple employees, ensuring no team member gets too much access to confidential information. 
  3. Understanding All Industry Norms: Experienced professionals in the transcription industry are consistently trained to remain updated with the norms and ethics. Credible businesses tend to focus on hiring skilled professionals instead of people willing to work on low payouts. Reliable providers also need all employees to sign  confidentiality agreements that prevent them from sharing any confidential client or organization data. Moreover, it is essential to keep all transcribers under strict supervision, so they cannot leak information on shady websites or other illegal platforms. 

    Everything About Transcription Guidelines for Transcribers

  4. Data Protection and Security: Strict data protection acts force transcription service providers to run within  set regulations. Through cookies, all personal data collected on the website can be protected from outside attacks using SSL encryption software. The 256 SSL encryption allows data transfer between browsers and services without being leaked to outsiders. 

Find transcription job at TCI Job BoardIf you plan to start a transcription service, remember that organizations focused on long-term growth and creating a positive brand image prioritize data confidentiality and protection. Most reliable transcribers already know the limit of using and accessing information while transcribing clients' files. A well-organized and professional transcriber uses solid safeguards to prevent data breaches that can be easily discussed with clients. 
If you are looking to start a transcription service, you can contact the Transcription Certification Institute (TCI). TCI provides comprehensive and value-for-money transcription training and certificates to aspiring learners. It is a completely online module that comes with a guaranteed internship with a qualifying course score. Enrolling for the TCI certification course comes with lifetime access to its Accuracy Assessment tool, assisting in measuring the accuracy of transcribed work.