Transcriptionists usually use the online text editor to quickly edit their scripts and generate some quick changes, just like a word processor.
Different online text editors can help, transcriptionists but before considering, you should consider some factors and learn more about some of the best tools.

What is an online text editor?

An online text editor is a remarkable tool that allows you to edit transcripts as well as upload documents from your PC and save your work. 

Word processors can give you access to your archives from anywhere without needing to go through anyone else. 

You can also use implanted text styles and different format designs to create exceptional-looking content on any device.

An online text editor works the same way as a Microsoft Word document, but with the flexibility of having your document saved online rather than to a single device.

Before considering the tools, you should know below written facts for better editing of the content.

What is the best online text editor for you?

There are various types of tools on the internet with simple tool interfaces that can enable a transcriptionist to work effectively and effortlessly. Choose the one that you can best utilize in your work. Below are some of the best online text editors.

Top online text editors websites

1. StackEdit

StackEdit is the most used text editor as it is an exceptionally easy tool in markdown designs and can be integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

It uses alternative routes through a graphical user interface, offers advanced settings for the template, and is helpful if you have an unreliable script.

The biggest disadvantage is that it automatically changes misspelled words. While the system will highlight those misspelled words, it is still up to you to go through and correct any spelling mistakes.

However, it's an incredible tool, both for markdown design and general use. 

2. Prepostseo

This is another one of the best tools for a transcriptionist for editing script or any other type of document. It helps format the document and allows you to choose the best font to use.

PrepostseoThis text editor provides different features, including the ability to upload into different formats checking for grammar mistakes, plagiarism, paraphrasing, and readability.
It’s a great tool for transcriptionists 

3. Hemingway

Hemingway helps you in various ways. It monitors whether your sentences are excessively long and difficult to understand-assists in finding the best way to untangle your content to make it more understandable, and makes your words appear more grounded by staying away from latent voice in your composition.


Ultimately, it gives you an assessment of clarity, as well as monitoring metrics such as several words, sections, and sentences.