There are many people who are trying to seek out a remote or work-from-home job and to be successful working from home. That’s because it gives you the freedom to decide your work hours, do the job, and get paid for it without leaving the house. Here, we have compiled tips for working from home effectively given by four work-at-home professionals who paved out a way for their success while working from home.

How to Be Successful Working From Home As a WAH Professional

Read on to get inspired by stories of successful work-from-home professionals around the country and find out how you can succeed at working from home.

Alexis, a Productivity and Time Management Coach, has worked at home for the past several years. She started off as an employee, but now runs her own productivity and time management coaching business - Alexis Haselberger.

She explains, “In my experience, I chose my career first, worked in an office for many years, and then simply asked if I could work from home. At first, I started with 1 day a week until eventually, I was working from home. My best advice here is that you need to prove you are trustworthy and capable of being self-motivated and then simply ask. When I started my business, I knew that I wanted to work from home and chose a career (coaching) that allows me to do all my sessions virtually, so that I'm location independent.

Ciara, a Lead Digital Marketing Strategist from Fueled, suggests that when looking for a work from home career, you have to make sure you're picking an industry where you can work independently and have the tools to support yourself.

She elaborates, “I think the hardest part about working from home is keeping your motivation level high. Usually, I draw energy from being in an office and around individuals but love the productivity I can attain at home without distractions. I think it's super important to (A) set up/design a dedicated work area, (B) set schedule boundaries and (C) use tools/lists to stay on task.

Paige started a successful global branding and marketing firm - Mavens & Moguls, out of her home 18 years ago. She says, “Staying organized and self-motivated is important for work from home career.

She reveals, “I try to find creative ways to multi-task that incorporates work and exercise. I have clients who play golf, so sometimes we meet at a driving range instead of the office to discuss things, especially when you are trying to think outside the box. A change in venue is always nice, and you feel so much better when you are moving and not trapped behind your desk.

Alexis Mathews of Virtual Assistants Making Money built a successful agency from home that offers virtual assistance, digital marketing, and SEO services.

She shares, “For years I searched and struggled to find a reputable work from home option so that I could stay home with my children. Everything I found was a scam. That is until I discovered the virtual assistant and freelance industries. As a part-time blogger, I had ample experience working with Wordpress websites, so I used that experience and started a business helping other bloggers with their content and marketing. Seven years later, I'm still helping business owners grow their business with marketing strategy and SEO solutions.

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Working from home offers many significant benefits, including work schedule flexibility, monetary savings, and health benefits. Nothing beats a job that allows you to work on your own terms!

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