With the pandemic hitting the world, the digital way of working has gained massive importance. Almost all major interactions are now held over platforms like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. However, keeping up with meetings and conferences has proven to be a difficult task, which is why it’s crucial to have a conference call recording and transcription. 

What is a call transcription?

Call transcriptions usually involve converting a video or an audio call to plain written text. It is carried out either through automated speech recognition technology, a human transcriber or by a combination of both. Some companies also use special software to actively transcribe videos while the call is taking place, while others prefer transcribing calls at a later time. 

Advantages of using call transcriptions

Transcriptions have proven to be beneficial since they can be preserved and used as a reference in the future. In addition, they also serve other major purposes, such as:

  • Accuracy:

    The primary reason behind using speech recognition and transcription services in calls is their excellent accuracy. Transcription software is able to sift through hours of audio data and transcribe them with extreme flair and privacy.

  • Find Information:

    The transcription of the video makes it easier to find the exact point you are looking for. You can search the keywords in the search box to find them in the transcription. It saves time and detects important details faster.

  • Unique Approach

    Analyzing and transcribing video conferences and group calls help provide a company with insightful information about employees' productivity. Managers and supervisors can check and consult important points discussed in the calls and meetings if there is a transcription and take important decisions about their behavior and dedication to the work. 

  • Website Improvement

    If there are transcriptions of your important video conferences on your site, it will increase site reach and make it rank higher on search engine result pages. This improves the engagement on your company website and helps you gather more customers. Not only will this help boost your online presence, but also has a great potential to increase your revenue. 

  • Archiving Purposes

    Documentation of major events is very necessary to look back on to help analyze company progress. A call transcript helps you to build strong documentation and archives. This can be helpful to be reviewed by consultants, compliance officials, and board members. It also provides a framework for all future decisions, strategies, and legal requirements. 

  • Convenience

    Transcripts can be conveniently analyzed by employers and employees. It also generates better accessibility among users, helping them achieve crucial insights from Zoom meetings. 

Limitations of Using Automated Transcription

There are some limitations to using automated tools for transcribing, which include: 

  • Foreign accent

    The accent has a huge role to play in automated transcription. If the speakers speak in a thick accent or very fast, there is a higher chance of having inaccurate transcriptions. In that case, human intervention would be needed for proper transcription. 

  • Disruption in audio

    The sound of the speakers has to be clear in the video for running automated transcription. Whispering, annoying background noise, mumbling, and so on can deteriorate the quality of the transcription. Some of the information might also be missing in the text if there are severe disruptions. 

  • Vocabulary

    The machine-generated transcriptions have very limited word stocks. If the speakers use jargon, the software might not identify the audio and miss transcribing that part. 

These limitations can be avoided if the transcription is checked thoroughly before publishing or documenting. 

Of course, human transcription is more effective in achieving better accuracy than any software-based transcriptions, but Apps like Zoom can offer high accuracy rates while also being cost-effective, faster, and more convenient. 


There are several conference holding platforms that have achieved much popularity for their ability to instantly identify and transcribe speeches and display them as automatically generated captions, and Zoom is one of the best. 

Zoom call transcription is an up-and-coming way of keeping up with virtual conferences, documenting, and preserving data. It is not just beneficial for corporate and marketing industries but for smaller businesses as well. Other industries like scientific research, market studies, education, business presentations and training, and customer service also can be equally improved with transcribing videos. 

Zoom not only has a live auto caption service for all attendees and readers, but the Zoom transcript and speech recognition software is greatly reliable and can display results with accuracy as high as 70-80%. Users can sign in to the Zoom web portal to enable the audio transcript features for the members in a call.