Webinars are online seminars covering diverse topics delivered by experts from a wide range of industries and are usually quite lengthy, running up to several thousand words in the written form. Transcription of your webinars helps in converting them into blog posts that have fresh and unique content, and therefore have great SEO value as the search engines value those websites that regularly publish such blogs.

Why Outsource Webinar Transcription Work?

It is always advisable to outsource your webinar transcription work to a professional transcription company, as experienced transcriptionists can perform this task more quickly and with greater accuracy. Also, by hiring a transcriptionist, you can also save a lot of time that you would have spent doing the task yourself, resulting in greater cost efficiency for your business.

Breaking down & diversifying the transcribed content

While it is great to have several thousand words of fresh, unique content, it makes better sense, from the readability perspective of people, to break it into small sections to use in a series of posts rather than include it all in a single blog. For example, you can cover a different topic included in a webinar in each of the articles, or divide the content according to the speakers. Try getting creative with it!

The webinar transcript can be presented in diversified ways, such as through infographic and slideshows, to create as interesting and engaging content as possible, something that your users may want to share with others. The positive social signals thus received might result in your site ranking higher in Google search results.

Webinar Transcription Generates Better ROI

A webinar costs a great deal of time, money and effort. Therefore, transforming the content from your webinar into a series of blog posts makes your investment all the more worthwhile: while it serves as a reminder of the topics discussed in your webinar to its participants, it may also attract those who were not able to attend the webinar due to some reasons, thus increasing your webinar’s shelf  life.

To conclude, if you are looking to generate a better ROI for your webinar, getting it transcribed is the way to go!