Any single parent will tell you how hard it is to stay on a budget when you have growing kids. Learning how to shop on a budget will save you money and help you make better decisions in the long run. If you want to save money while shopping, use the following tips and remember to set a spending budget.

  1. Coupons! Coupons! Coupons!

    At grocery stores, coupons are your greatest allies. Some stores will have double coupons on certain days. Look online for any coupons and find out as many details as you can about how your favorite stores value their coupons. The money you save can be used for other essential purchases.

  2. Don't Impulse Buy

    Don't make purchases on the spur of the moment. Impulse buying is one of the quickest ways to blow your budget. Before you make a nonessential purchase, take a step back. Wait a day or two and then take another look. You may decide it wasn't as important as you thought. Give yourself some time to research other options.

  3. Shop Early!

    Do your shopping early before pricing goes up or items go out of stock. Waiting to shop until the last minute may cost you the items you are looking for. Many stores have early bird sales. Some offer layaway plans that allow you to pay them off over time. Shop early and take advantage of these deals while you can.

  4. Buy Online

    Shop online when you can. It will save you from going to the store and spending money on other things you may not need. Many major outlets like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target all have online stores that allow you to shop online and pick up your items in-store or have them delivered to your home.

  5. Shop Local

    Shop your local markets. Many of the items found locally are just as affordable as those found in larger retailers. Shopping local also keeps your dollars circulating in your hometown community, which helps to provide jobs and support the local economy. Buying local also means finding items that are unique to your area.

  6. #Freebies on Twitter

    Use the Freebies hashtag on Twitter. You will be able to find a variety of deals that you may not be on any other platform. Check back on a daily basis to see if new deals make the list. Finding freebies is a great way to get supplemental gifts for those on your shopping list.

  7. Sign Up for Ads and Newsletters

    Most large retailers and even a few of the more popular local markets may send out newsletters that announce upcoming sales and events. Visit your favorite stores’ websites and sign up for their newsletters and online advertisements. Check them regularly and you may find some decent deals that result in substantial savings.

  8. Give Homemade Gifts

    Homemade gifts often mean more to the recipient than anything you can find in a retail store. Gift a freshly baked pie, your own original painting, or a self-crafted piece of décor. The effort and thought you put into its creation is the real gift that is most appreciated.

  9. Shop Secondhand Stores

    Shop secondhand and at antique stores. You may be surprised at the deals you find. You can also find items that can be repurposed into something unique. It's also a great way to find one of a kind gifts for Secret Santa or white elephant.

  10. Sell Your Old Items

    If you are running out of room, sell some of your old items to make room for the new things you want to buy. You will make a little extra money and have more space for the things you want to keep.

There are many ways to save money during the holidays, especially if you are a single parent. Living on a budget doesn't have to mean doing without. It just means being smarter with your money and controlling how you spend it.

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