Retired but still want to make some money? Thanks to the internet, it is easier to get part-time jobs after retirement that will get you some extra dollars. Best of all, these jobs are easy to do, can complement your passions and daily routines and can be done from home. Let's find out ways to make money in retirement.

Here are Eight Ways of Making Money from Home After Retirement

1. Pet Sitting

If you love furry friends, pet sitting can be a great way of making money in your retirement. As a pet sitter, your tasks may involve walking, grooming or pet sitting dogs when their owners are out of town. Other duties related to pet sitting include feeding, bathing and giving medicine. Pet sitters earn a median wage of $10.21 an hour. Check websites like, Fetch!, PetSitter and Rover for pet sitting jobs.

2. Tour Guide

Have you been living in your city for years and know it like the palm of your hand? If so, consider becoming a tour guide. As a part-time tour guide, you will lead an active lifestyle and have the opportunity to share your knowledge with tourists and locals. If you have some expertise, look for companies that may need your skills. For example, check with the museums and private tour companies in your city. Also, search for local tour guide opportunities at sites like Craigslist, Monster, SimplyHired, and ZipRecruiter. The median rate for a tour guide is $11.91 an hour. However, you are likely to earn more when you factor in tips.

3. Rent Your Space

Have an extra room in your home? Rent it out to travelers on sites like HomeAway, Neighbor, and Airbnb. If you are traveling, you can rent out your apartment over the period you will be away. Apart from rooms, you can rent your driveway on platforms such as CurbFlip. According to Spacer, depending on where you live and the demand for garage rental space, you can earn from $2000 to $4000 annually.

4. Market Researcher

Working as an online market researcher (through surveys) or product tester is another way you can explore to make money from home in retirement. Generally, surveys take less time and pay less while focus groups can pay up to a few hundred dollars for a few hours. MySurvey and MyPoints are good sources of survey works. For focus groups and product testing, check FocusGroup and respectively.

5. Online Tutoring

Hundreds of people get online to learn various skills for different reasons. If you have an academic background, you can start tutoring online to supplement your income. You can offer tutoring classes on diverse topics, from English Grammar to sciences. The average online tutor salary is $19.57 an hour. Sign up at sites like and to search for online tutor jobs.

6. Freelance Transcription

If you can type relatively fast, you can work as a freelance transcriber for different companies. There are no special skills required for general transcription apart from following specific rules that clients may indicate. You can get certified as a home-based transcriptionist at Transcription Certification Institute and even get jobs at their job board. As a transcriptionist, the amount you make will depend on the number of hours you put into the work. The average rate is about $15 an hour.

7. Web Editor

You can also make money as a freelance online editor. Many websites run by individuals and small businesses need editors but do not hire them on a full-time basis due to financial constraints. If you can take the job on a part-time basis, you can easily supplement your income. The average online editor's pay is $20.96 an hour. You can find online editor jobs at Upwork and other freelance gig sites.

8. Online Instructor

Did you know you can get paid to teach others the skills you already have? If you have mastered particular skills in life, many people all over the world that would love access to your knowledge. You can teach these skills as an online course. Sites like Udemy make it easy for anyone to publish an online course. The amount you can make will vary depending on the demand and price of your course.

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