Guilt is a common feeling among parents who work at an office. However, you do not have to feel this guilt because you can find ways to work at home and be able to spend time with your children! Don't be fooled into thinking that spending the vacations with your kids and working will be nonstop fun. While you can spend lazy days by the pool with the kids, and sip cold drinks, you will need to be professional in how you conduct business. Here are a few work at home opportunities for those that are dedicated to earning money and spending more time with family.

1. Online Transcription Jobs

Transcription Jobs are an easy way to earn a very good living from home. While there are thousands of writing jobs available, a work from home transcription business can bring you steady clients and higher pay than some of the other writing jobs. You will need to listen clearly for certain transcription jobs in order to provide a perfect transcript. While transcription jobs are not hard, they require attention to detail, which can be perfect for parents who are familiar with keeping an eagle eye and ear out for their kids.

2. Online Writing Gigs

There are many opportunities for people that wish to write from home. You can find steady ‘gigs' from different online writing outlets. If you are a hard worker, you can earn a great paycheck and spend time with your kids, too.

3. Sell Items Online

Another great way to make money from home is to sell items online. You can list clothing, toys, antiques, and handmade items on Internet auction sites or even open your own online store. Be wary of listing fees and always be sure to ship your items when they are sold!

Why do I suggest Transcription As The Best Option to Make Money Online For Stay At Home Moms?

Transcription is fast gaining currency as an attractive work-from-home proposition. According to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), transcription employment is likely to increase from 6% to 21%, depending upon the area, from 2010 to 2020. Solution to Ultimate Flexibility: A career in transcription allows you to work from the comforts of your home, fix your own schedules, and earn a respectable income. The basic skills required to kick-start one's career in transcription include good keyboard skills, proficiency in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, good listening ability, and basic computer knowledge. Blessings of Opportunities: Among all forms of transcription, general transcription presents the most promising outlook in terms of job opportunities. A general transcriptionist can earn anywhere between $15 to $20 per hour of audio as a beginner, which can rise up to $40, $50, $60, or even more as one gains proficiency.

Where to Train as a Transcriptionist and Find Home Based Transcription Jobs?

Transcription Certification Institute is a company based out of Ellensburg, WA, that offers a TCI Job Board, visit the company website.