A work from home career sounds like a lucrative option to many, but you should first be best prepared to turn that dream into reality and actually enjoy the perks that come with a successful WAH career. 

Here's What Experts Suggest on How to Figure Out the Right Job for You

Here is a set of tips and advice from people who have distinguished themselves in this area:

Angela Ash from Flow SEO

1. Angela from Flow SEO suggests that when you select companies, it's important to set up a mix of steady income and occasional "income bumps."

In other words, look for clients who will provide a certain amount of hours or dollars per week, so that you always have that to rely upon. Then look for "one-off" projects that can supplement that income.

Yaz Purnell from The Wallet Moth2. Yaz Purnell from The Wallet Moth shares that people always look at others who are already working remotely, and wonder how they can copy that person, which is a totally wrong strategy.

Instead, look inwards: what skills do you have? What experience have you already gained? Finding skills that you can market is the fastest path to making this lifestyle a reality.

Melissa Smith from The PVA3. Melissa Smith from The PVA suggests that following your passions and abilities of what you do well already is a great way to figure out the right work at home job.

However, there is no substitute for crowdsourcing ideas from those who know you best and those who have worked with you in the past or present.


Trivinia from PriorityVA4. Trivinia from PriorityVA shares an interesting perspective that when choosing a work from home career, you have to determine your natural skill set. What do you do best?

Next, ask who you want to serve. It all comes down to what you can offer to potential clients and how you can serve them better than anyone else in your field.

Chloe Brittain from Opal Transcription Services5. Chloe from Opal Transcriptions suggests that when you choose a work-at-home career, consider how it fits into your lifestyle.

Some WAH opportunities, like transcription, tend to be very flexible, while others may require you to work shifts.


Harsha Reddy from Small Biz Genius6. Harsha Reddy from SmallBizGenius gives some incisive analysis on how to figure out the right career.

By assessing all your skills and qualifications, you can decide which work-from-home career is feasible. You also need to research the industry and the competition in your niche to see where you stand.

Dewayne from Web Cosmo Forums7. Dewayne from Web Cosmo Forums suggests that when working from home, choose a job that you have a passion for or just enjoy doing.

Choose a career you're interested in pursuing, and try to maintain contact with the outside world.


Pratibha Vuppuluri from She Started It8. Pratibha from She Started It has a bit of thoughtful advice on how to figure out the right job for you.

She says, "I believe the success of a work from home career is by simply putting your heart into it, and making sure it is something that you are really passionate about."

Ben Taylor from Home Working Club9. Ben from HomeWorkingClub.com is upfront and candid.

He says, "the best piece of advice I would give any aspiring home worker is not to think of a work from home career ANY differently to a traditional career. Whether you want to work in customer service, healthcare, insurance, tech - all you have to do is research companies that recruit home workers - there are plenty of them."

McKinzie from Moms Make Cents10. McKinzie from Moms Make Cents, a well-known influencer, is simple, yet insightful when she puts forth her opinion on how to choose a work from home job.

She says, "When choosing a work from home career, you need to find a balance between three things.

  • What you are naturally good at 
  • What you enjoy, and 
  • How profitable the work at home career is."


To round up, it can be said that with the help of these useful insights on how to choose a work from home job from people who chose and succeeded in having a lucrative work from home career, you too can join in their ranks, provided you set your goals realistically and diligently work your way towards it.