How much you earn as a general transcriptionist will depend on your skills, marketing success, and perseverance.

Below are some earnings estimates for general transcription work (PLEASE NOTE – THESE ARE JUST ESTIMATES, NOT GUARANTEES)

Work-from-home Transcriptionist

Pay-by-Hour transcriptionist:

Pay hour fees could be anywhere from $10 to $35 and up, depending on skill set and client. Transcriptionists will need to demonstrate superior typing speed and accuracy of typing in order to get transcription jobs that pay hourly.

Pay-by-Performance transcriptionist:

Pay-by-Performance transcriptionist gets paid for the work completed. Below are some typical general transcription rates: 

  • By minute of recording – $75 to $200 for one-hour of recording transcribed.
  • By lines of the final transcript – 5 cents to 10 cents per line transcribed.  

A good transcriptionist will normally take 2-4 hours to transcribe one-hour of recording. A new transcriber could take up to four hours. However, we have noticed that transcribers start to get close to the two-hour level after some experience.

The rates assume that transcriptionists are working directly for the end-user. The rate will be about 50% of the amount if working for a transcription company.