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Build A Successful Online Career In General Transcription. Become An Outstanding Transcriptionist!
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Acquire Skillsets Recognized By Industry Leaders

  • The TCI certificate is recognized by most transcription industry leaders.
  • Synonymous with quality – applicants carrying the TCI seal have an edge over their peers.
  • Internship with industry leaders ensures exposure to real-world projects and experience.
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Success Lies in the Details

  • Easily learn how to handle punctuation, use grammar, and how to use sentence structure when transcribing.
  • Learn how to differentiate and transcribe heavy accents. (This is where the money is!)
  • Learn how to deliver top-notch work so you are preferred over other transcriptionists.
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Select A Profession That Allows Flexibility

  • Work from Home - No Commuting, No Dressing Up!
  • Enjoy a Flexible Schedule, Work Late Nights if You Like!
  • Select Your Work Load, No Need to Take Leave or Request Time Off!
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Learn From The Experts

  • Learn how to ensure confidentiality.
  • Learn to make judgment calls when audio is not clear.
  • Learn how to transcribe multi-speaker files with ease.
  • Get insider tips and stand out from your peer group.
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