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Internship Program for Transcriptionists

Win-win program for TCI graduates and transcription companies

Once you've passed the course with a final course score above 80, you can get practical experience by doing an internship for a transcription company. As a transcription intern, you will get work from transcription companies that are interested in giving new transcriptionists a try with intent to hire them as independent contractors.

You are committing to transcribing up to five hours of recorded audio. As an intern, you will not charge the transcription company. Please note that there is no promise or guarantee that the transcription company will offer work after the completion of the internship.

Here is how it works:

  • Transcription Certification Institute has a list of transcription companies interested in hiring TCI graduates as interns.
  • Transcriptionists who pass the course will be able to opt-in for internship.
  • Interns commit to doing FREE transcription of up to five hours of voice recording.
  • Interns commit to meeting the standards of the transcription company that will be sent with the voice files.
  • The transcription company commits to providing a letter of completion and agrees to be a reference for the transcriptionist.
  • Transcriptionists are NOT committing themselves to work for the transcription company after the internship completion.
  • The transcription company is NOT committing any future work after the internship completion.

Here are the transcription internship program details:


Internship provides TCI graduates an opportunity to gain real-world experience by transcribing voice files of real clients. This internship work experience and a reference from a transcription company, in turn, will help find paying transcription work.

Here is how the process works:

  • You opt-in for internship after passing your certification program.
  • You will sign up as independent contractor with the transcription company providing you internship.
  • The transcription company will send you the paperwork needed to become an independent contractor.
  • You commit to transcribing up to five hours of recording at no cost to the transcription company.
  • You ONLY accept projects where you can meet accuracy requirements and the deadline.
  • You transcribe the recording on time and send the transcripts to the company.

Note: Just like most internship programs, the transcription company is not guaranteeing any work after the internship is done. However, your chance of getting regular work is good, assuming you do a good job.

Transcription Company:

Transcription companies provide real work to TCI graduates at no cost to them. The only requirement is to guide the transcriptionist, provide a letter detailing job performance, and a reference if needed. The transcription company is NOT guaranteeing any work after the completion of the internship.

  • Agrees to provide work to the transcriptionist during internship.
  • Send all relevant paperwork to hire transcriptionists as independent contractors.
  • Will provide a letter of completion after five hours of transcription is completed. Rate the certified transcriptionist in the letter based on their performance.
  • Provide a reference for the transcriptionist, if requested.
  • Consider the transcriptionist for ongoing work if their transcripts meet the company’s standards.
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