TCI is enhancing its lessons and adding several new features for all registered students. The course fee will increase to $699 starting Jan 15. ENROLL today and take advantage of all future benefits at the current $399 price!

You do not need to have any experience or extensive knowledge in order to become a transcriptionist. The study materials we provide you will cover any areas of concern. An overall good knowledge of the English language is preferred, but you can learn as you go.

Yes. The TCI general transcription course is available for non-US citizens also. Actually, this is one of the benefits of taking the TCI general transcription training course. You can become a top-notch transcriptionist from the comfort of your home. Upon completion of the online course with a qualifying final course score, you get the opportunity to intern with transcription companies through TCI's internship program.

If you have registered and find that you feel your skills do not match up to what’s required, we will refund 50% of your fees, provided you have paid the full amount. You must, however, ask for the refund in writing before the beginning of the 4th lesson.

We will provide you with a Study Guide, which will include all areas necessary in order to pass your quizzes and final exams.

The one-time signup fee for the entire course is $399, and it includes all study materials, quizzes, tests, the final exam, and the actual Certificate of Completion in Transcription. This is a great deal considering everything involved in this line of work.

Finding transcription jobs requires planning.

Once you have completed and passed the course with a qualifying final course score, Transcription Certification Institute guarantees you the option to sign up for an internship with one of the leading transcription companies in the U.S. You should also register and post your resume for transcription jobs at the job board on the website.

You should also send your resume with a link to your general transcription certificate to all transcription companies. Good transcription companies are always looking for qualified transcriptionists who can work from home.

No. We suggest you complete the entire course in NO LESS than 21 days, and we suggest a maximum of 90 days. However, you can take all the time you need, there is no cap on the timeframe.

Should you fail a lesson quiz, you will be able to retake the quiz at no charge until you pass. Your final course score is the average of all final exam scores. Do the best you can and don't get discouraged if you receive a low grade on one of them. You can make sure to do a better job on future exams.

Just make sure you proofread very carefully before submitting the final exams back to us. This will help you get the best final score possible.

The course covers the use of many areas. We cover MS Word, grammar, punctuation, spelling, Privacy Guidelines accuracy, and much more. Here are the details of the general transcription lessons covered through the course.

Although not mandatory for testing purposes, you will eventually need a good computer with Windows 7 or better operating system, a good set of headphones, a USB foot pedal (used to control the audio), and a printer is recommended for the study.

You will need to purchase transcription equipment before you start your transcription internship with a transcription company.

The amount of money you can make being a transcriptionist depends on how fast and accurately you can type and how often you work.

Transcriptionists typically make approximately $400 to $500 or more per week working full-time as independent contractors for transcription companies.

Transcriptionists working directly for their clients can make up to $35/hr. depending on the project and their skill set.

Again, it is hard to estimate, but the more you work, the more money you make.

As a work-at-home transcriptionist, you are self-employed. Anyone who is self-employed pays her/his own taxes. Your taxes can be paid each payday or you may wish to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. We recommend if you pay them quarterly or annually that you set aside your tax money so you will not have to come up with the money all at once. To be on the safe side, you should set aside 36% of your paycheck to more than cover your Federal and State taxes.

Please talk to your tax professional about your tax planning.

Check for paycheck percentages. We suggest paying online at for Federal taxes (there are no charges to sign up, and you should keep copies of all payments), although you might request a payment packet to send checks via USPS. You should find your own state’s Internal Revenue Service online payment options. Please check this out on your own if you reside in Canada or anywhere else other than the US.