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If you have good writing skills and good listening capabilities then this course is for you, transcription heavily depends on these skills. The Instructor has nicely sum-up important information in this course. It is a great opportunity for those who seek a home based job. Well engaging course and it is greatly organised with nice contents.
-Faisal Qamar

The lesson is well delivered. Both audio and visual presentation is clear and understandable.
-Dexter D Salas

Clarity and informative. I refreshed my transcription skills.
-Emily Mugo

This course gives a thorough overview of the transcription industry with a particular focus on general transcription. The grammar review is helpful and well thought out. The teaching format makes this information accessible to students of all levels.
-Beverly Holland

Very interesting! I can adopt easily what was told about the course and I prefer as a medical transcriber since I finished medical field.
-Lou Ann Soriano

Very informative course. Gives me the reason why should I become a transcriptionist and the different career path that I can pursue.
-Andy Fernandez

The lesson on parts of speech is world class.
-Darlene Wallace

The course is great for those wanting to get started in transcription, and it is a great refresher course for anyone wanting to improve their skills.
-Katie Woolever

Very nice overall introduction to transcription and helpful practical tips as well.
-Gilbert C Mariano