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Do I Need to Form a Company If I Decide to Start a Business?

We always suggest that you register your company as a business entity. This provides some tax benefits (talk to your CPA or business attorney about how), and positions you as a serious company in the eyes of your customers.

You have the following options for registering your company:

  1. Sole proprietor
  2. LLC or Corporation

Once you have registered your company, you will need the following things to start your operation:

  1. Federal Tax Id Number
  2. City or County (or both) business license
  3. Bank Account
  4. Accounting system
  5. Credit card processing
  6. Resale license number

You may also discuss with your insurance company about any need for additional insurance, given that you are starting a business from home.

We have listed resources where you can find these services on your own. However, we encourage you to discuss this with your CPA or Attorney to make sure everything is done correctly.